5 Steps to Go on a Date Once a Week

If you follow me on Instagram you know I’ve been going on a date every Tuesday. I’ve been pretty successful and getting these dates and I want other people to get a chance to start meeting people offline as soon as possible. Dating is work and here are the steps to successfully get more dates

1. Wait

Wait a few days before swiping (this way you’ll get your matches All at once. I schedule my taco the dates mainly on Bumble. I try not to swipe till Monday.  I’ll get notifications that people have swiped right on me so you so I know I’ll have people to match with as soon as possible.

2. Message

Message all you matches at the with proposal to go on a date the following day. I copy and paste the same message to them. I usually say: “Hey! What do you think getting off this app and getting tacos tomorrow in honor of Taco Tuesday?“. You can switch it up, if you don’t like tacos or if you rather do something else. Just be straight forward with what you want to do and what day you want to go. 

3. Respond

Start responding. Wait for responses and Message the people that respond. Talk to everyone no matter who you’re most interested in. Keep your options open. People will stop responded, they may something that turns you off, they may reschedule. Take your time responding back to people just so you don’t accidentally schedule a date for the same night. 

4. Get Details

Get the details. Once the person gives you a ime and place you have officially scheduled a date for that week.

5. Schedule

Schedule more dates. If the date went well make sure you decide if you want to see each other again. But also Continue talking to the guys that responded late. I usually schedule other dates for the week if someone responded too late or they are busy on the proposed day. That date with the first guy may not have went to well so try your luck with someone else. If it did go well still go on dates. It’s good to multi date until you know who you want to be serious with. Don’t get stuck on one person after the first date. You still have to get to know the person. 

I hate texting and getting to know someone I don’t even know yet over text. I barely text my friends. I’d much rather call/FaceTime and even better meet in person. Try and start going on more dates. You’ll get more comfortable going on first dates and meeting more people.

Don’t waste your time texting and staying on the app. Usually, you text every day with someone and develop this false intimacy and then all of sudden they ghost and you’ve given all your attention to this one person. Or you can actually meet and you don’t vibe as well as you did over text. So good luck and try and get a date this week! Tell me all about them in the comments and follow me on IG to hear about my weekly dates.

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