Alice Blue Margin Calculator, Login, Review 2020

The Bangalore based popular discount broking company Alice Blue started its journey in the year 2006. The company offers equity, commodity trading, and depository services at the leading exchanges like NSE, BSE, MCX. One of the important benefits is they provide two types of brokerage plans along with a huge margin facility. So, you will find the details in this post below. So, here, the discussion point will be on Alice Blue margin calculator, login, review 2020.

FAQs on Alice Blue

Is Alice blue safe?

Alice blue is an authorized broker and has a membership of CDSL. So, Alice blue is absolutely safe. The stockbroking company is offering equity, commodity trading services at NSE, BSE, MCX, etc. Its popularity is mainly for its high margin providing facility and low brokerage charge.

How do I deposit money into Alice Blue?

You can deposit money into Alice Blue account quickly and easily. First, select the online payment and click on “UPI Option”. After that, click on update UPI ID, and add your ID there. Here, you need to add the UPI ID which is linked to your official trading bank account. After adding the UPI ID, you can deposit money into your preferable segment.

How is Alice Blue?

If you need the high margin facilities along with low brokerage plans, Alice blue is appropriate for you. There you can find multiple brokerage plans, you can choose as per your choice. Besides this, you can get huge margin facilities in both intraday and cash n carry. So, Alice blue is a good choice for beginners as well as advanced traders and investors.

Which broker gives highest margin?

There are many brokers who provide margin facilities. But among them, few provide high margin, Alice blue is one of them. Alice blue gives the highest margin with the low brokerage. Here, you can get both intraday and holding margins at a reasonable cost.

What are the Benefits Alice Blue provides for its clients?

  • In Alice blue, you can trade-in equity, derivatives, commodities, and also in currency.
  • As Alice is a discount brokerage firm, here, you can get brokerage free equity delivery benefits.
  • There are two types of brokerage plans, traditional and T20.
  • The discount broker has highly advanced trading platforms such as ANT Web, ANT Meta, ANT Mobi, and ANT Desk.
  • They have the benefits of a 2-in-1 account including a Demat and trading account opening facility.
  • People with Indian residents can easily open a free Alice Blue Demat Account at zero account opening charges.
  • There is a strong geographical presence with 1000+ Alice Blue branches as well as partners.
  • Margin trading facility available with Alice Blue.
  • 3rd party tools available for easy investment in mutual funds and IPO.

How to Get the benefits of Alice Blue?

Moreover, if you want to get the above benefits of Alice Blue, just click on the link below to Open Demat account with Alice Blue.

Alice Blue Free account openAlice Blue Free account open

Alice Blue Margin Calculator and Benefits

Now, I will discuss the Alice Blue margin calculator and benefits. As I have told that in Alice Blue, there are margin facilities in both intraday and holdings facility. A brief detail of Alice blue margin for intraday, delivery, options, the currency is given below.

Segments Margin Benefits
Equity Delivery Intraday: 20x, Bracket Order: 20x, Cover Order: NA, CNC-Delivery: 3x
Equity Future Intraday: 10x | Bracket Order: 20x, Cover Order: 20x ,CNC-Delivery: 1x
Equity Options Intraday: Buy-3x Sell 10x, Bracket Order: NA, Cover Order: NA | CNC-Delivery: 1x
Currency Future Intraday: 10x, Bracket Order: 20x, Cover Order: 20x, CNC-Delivery: 1x
Currency Options Intraday: Buy-3x Sell 10x, Bracket Order: NA, Cover Order: NA, CNC-Delivery: 1x
Commodity Intraday: 10x, Bracket Order: 20x, Cover Order: 20x, CNC-Delivery: 1x

Note: The above margin is generally given. But they can change the margin level as per the market movement or volatility. For example, the picture below is the margin, given on the 29th March of 2020, by Alice Blue.

Alice Blue MarginAlice Blue Margin

Here, is the home page of the Alice Blue margin calculator. As you can see there are different segments like the commodity, equity futures, equity, currency, options calculator. Here, you can easily calculate and measure margins and get an idea about your required investment amount.

Margin calculator ABMargin calculator AB

Alice Blue Brokerage and Plans

First, let’s have a look at the account opening charges of Alice Blue. Now, you can open ACCOUNT with Alice Blue by CLICKING ON THE LINK HERE.

NSE Equity, FNO, Currency FNO ₹ 500
BSE Equity, FNO, Currency FNO
MCX FUT & Options
CDSL Demat Account
AMC Charges (Annuel) Demat Account ₹ 400

Note: Please note that GST (18%) is applicable to all the charges.

Alice Blue Traditional and F20 Plan

Traditional Plan

Equity Delivery Brokerage 0.1%
Equity Intraday Brokerage 0.01%
Equity F&O Brokerage
(Delivery & Intraday)
Currency F&O Brokerage
(Delivery & Intraday)
Commodity F&O Brokerage
(Delivery & Intraday)

F20 Plan

Equity Delivery Brokerage ₹0 (free)
Equity Intraday Brokerage ₹20
Equity F&O Brokerage (Delivery & Intraday) ₹20
Currency F&O Brokerage (Delivery & Intraday) ₹20
Commodity F&O Brokerage (Delivery & Intraday) ₹20

Alice Blue Trading Software

The company provides an online trading platform to its regular customers free of cost. The particular trading platform has a trading terminal for active traders, also has a website for casual traders as well as a mobile app for on-the-go traders.

ANT (Analysis and Trade)

ANT is an advanced trading platform of Alice Blue. It provides the latest technologies to help traders and investors to make informed decisions while trading.

TradeLab builds an ANT trading platform. Other popular brokers like Zerodha, Religare, SASOnline, Trustline, Adroit, etc use the software as well. Tradelab offers advanced technology platform since 2014.

Key Features of ANT

  • Personal trading assistance that provides customized strategies
  • Faster execution of trades
  • Advanced charts along with years of data, intelligent alerts, and more.
Terminal ABTerminal AB

This is the home screen of the Alice blue terminal. On the left side of the terminal, there is the market watch window. Here, you can get 5 market watch window. And besides this, you will find multiple scanners and other facilities here.

Alice Blue scannerAlice Blue scanner

Key Benefits of Alice Blue At a Glance

  • In Freedom or F20 plan Equity Delivery or CNC, trading is free.
  • You can get Higher intraday leverage compared to other brokers in the market.
  • It Uses Omnesys NEST PLUS Trading Platform here. The Omnesys NEST gives a powerful Risk Management System as well as the Order Management System.
  • Their ANT Trading Software is easily available at free of cost to all its customers.
  • Advance order types facility available such as Bracket Orders and Cover Orders and all.
  • Trading available at leading Indian exchanges like BSE, NSE, and MCX.
  • The daily live market report is available at free of cost.


Here, I try my best to provide every information on Alice Blue Margin Calculator, Login, Review 2020. For its multiple benefits, the broker house becomes popular in the market. However, we will come back with updates on Alice blue soon. For now, you can grab the account opening offer of them and get benefitted.

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