My Oklahoma City Tour Guide

So far on this 50 Dates in 50 States journey, I’ve been to Colorado, Texas, and Lousiana and the dates/trips never went as hoped for. I met great people and have great memories, but never went as expected. I booked a random flight to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma a couple of months ago. It was one of the cheapest flights I found on, and I had no expectation of how this trip would go. Luckily it was my best trip so far!

I went into Oklahoma with no expectations but I had a plan. Recently I decided I wouldn’t include my blog in my dating bios and if I couldn’t find a date I would find a girlfriend on Bumble (using BUmbleBFF mode). I don’t need a man, to have fun. Right?

The night I arrived in Oklahoma I swiftly swiped in hopes to find someone decent to go on a date with. I sent every guy the same message: ‘ Hey I’m in OKC for the weekend any recommendations.’ I had a few responses, but only one that seemed eager to meet that night: his name was Javier. He asked if I wanted to go to a bar that night, but I was already comfy in my Airbnb bed, so I declined. The following afternoon I texted Javier letting him know I was free after working at a coffee shop. He quickly set plans for me and I was excited about the date.


Day 1

My OKC date told me to meet him at Skinny Slim’s. I was stood up in Louisiana so I was worried that it would happen again while I was sitting in my Lyft ride. When I arrived my Lyft driver questioned if this was the place. Skinny Slim’s looked like a wall with a door on the front. I had no idea what was in store but this was the beginning of a great first date in Oklahoma.

I walked into a small pub to meet Javier. He happily greeted me and immediately offered to buy me a drink. We sat outside and we immediately started conversing comfortably. He soon asked why I was in Oklahoma and I explained my 50 Dates in 50 States plan. He exclaimed with excitement, loving the idea. I shared my past experiences and hoped he would be a good date for me. Oklahoma didn’t have much to offer, but he wanted to make sure he showed me as much as he could.


The next planned stop was a German bar. The bar was a little far so I suggested we ride scooters there. I see the scooters in Atlanta all the time but never got a chance to try them out. Oklahoma City was probably the best city to try the scooters because riding them is a bit scary. The roads were close to empty, so I followed behind Javier as we rode on the OKC streets.

we continued talking and getting to know each other while we grabbed a beer at Fassler Hall. We shared our college experiences and families. I was getting hungry so our next stop was Bleu Garten. Bleu Garten was a food truck park that had food trucks, bars, and games like corn hole and Jenga. We walked around the park trying to decide what to eat. We ended up sharing a cup of edible cookie dough and pizza.


Afterward, we hopped on to the trolley to Bricktown. This was the best area in Oklahoma City where they had bars, restaurants, and fun places. Dueling Pianos, I mentioned I love Karaoke, but he expressed that he didn’t know of a place that did Karaoke on Friday’s.

Day 2

The following day, I was planning to meet up with another guy. Unfortunately, that didn’t go as planned, but that’s a long story. Later that night I hit up Javier to see what he was up to. I wanted to grab dinner so I suggested we get Tacos & Margaritas. I offered the meal as my treat because he was low on funds. He quit his job and was moving soon. We enjoyed each other’s company and the conversation flowed like the day before. We had a friend vibe so the night was super chill.


Day 3

He asked what else I wanted to do before I left the next day. I didn’t think he would want to hang out for another day in a row, but I was happy he did. My original plan was to take a $20 Lyft to Pops. Since he wanted to continue being my tour guide he was a savior. We headed there around 11 am and grabbed lunch. Pops was a restaurant/ gas station that had glass walls lined with different types of sodas. After we finished eating we each bought our own soda and he took pictures of me. I had time before my flight home, so we checked out some other places. I then had him fill out a postcard we traded when we got to the airport.


This trip ignited my excitement to keep traveling and dating. Javier exceeded my Oklahoma expectations and I am forever grateful. I would consider Javier a friend and I can’t wait to meet more friends along my journey.

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