{save} Cruelty Free Skincare + $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

{save} skincare giveaway

Hi, bunnies! I know we are all feeling SO many different feelings these days. For me, they sometimes come all in one day! I’m still self-isolating, recovering from the flu, and actually feeling a lot more positive than I was two weeks ago. I couldn’t get myself to write about beauty products last week. It just seemed so unimportant relative to the coronavirus scare. But now that more of us are staying home (and I cannot stress how important that is), I think we’re looking for ways to keep our minds occupied and keep spirits up.

To that end, I have a fun giveaway for you! I know some of us haven’t been able to leave the house to go shopping, and some of us are saving money right now. So, I hope this HUGE cruelty free, vegan skincare haul from {save} can really benefit someone and brighten their day. They are giving away an entire set of skincare products plus a $50 Amazon gift card to one lucky winner!

{save} cruelty free skincare giveaway

{save} skincare is a new brand, available exclusively in the US, but brand founder and CEO Joanna Draniak-Kicínska was born into the parent company BANDI. BANDI was started by Joanna’s mother over 30 years ago, on the heels of the fall of communism in Poland, when Joanna was just a girl. 

Joanna saw a need for American women to have safe options that don’t break the bank when choosing skincare products. She created {save} as a clean, minimalist skincare line that is especially gentle on sensitive skin. The brand has a passion for women’s empowerment, listing health and safety, inclusivity and equality amongst their top brand values.   

Personal care manufacturing standards in Europe are far stricter than they are here in the U.S.  While the US personal care industry is largely unregulated, in Europe 1,328 ingredients are specifically banned from skincare products. {save} products are still manufactured in Poland for now, and while they have plans to move manufacturing here within the next 5 years, they will remain 100% committed to maintaining the high standards for safety and quality that the EU demands.

I am impressed with what is NOT in {save} products, but I’m also impressed with some of the ingredients they are using that you don’t see every day. They use bakuchiol which is gaining popularity as an easier-on-the-skin retinol alternative. Several of their products also have: bacillus ferment (a gentler AHA alternative), bamboo bioferment (a silica alternative that softens skin), caviar lime (a vitamin-rich exfoliant), cica (a plant-based ingredient that protects skin from pollution, UV and blue light), ectoin (protects skin from the elements), trehalose (a skin-hydrating sugar), and prebiotics/probiotics (which support your skin’s natural microbiome).

Here’s a quick rundown on each {save} product that we’re giving away:

{save} skincare Gentle Gommage Exfoliator

Gentle Gommage Exfoliator ($25) – This product is a perfect combination of enzymatic exfoliator and scrub and lets you gently, without the need of rubbing your delicate skin, get rid of its dead cells without scratching. 97% nature-derived formula includes 100% GMO-free rice starch working as a gommage agent and biodegradable peeling elements, obtained from a tree cellulose offer you plastic-free formula (no plastic beads). Bamboo bioferment, matcha and caviar lime (100% vegan!) are other ingredients offered to you by nature that will leave your skin revitalized, smooth and brilliant.

{save} Hydrating Facial Cleanser

Hydrating Facial Cleanser ($20) – Composed of 98% nature-derived ingredients, carefully selected to offer an effective but safe alternative to soaps and other aggressive facial cleansers and makeup removers. {save} Hydrating Facial Cleanser was dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested for safety and gentleness. Its formula is rich in moisturizing, GMO-free, plant-derived ingredients such as ultra-hydrating trehalose and bamboo and corn bioferments. It will leave your skin purified and soft, free from oil, dirt, and makeup. Perfect even for very dry or very sensitive skin. Like all {save} products, it’s 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

{save} Anti-pollution Vit C Booster

Anti-pollution Vit C Booster ($48) – A super powerful booster to protect your skin against environmental stressors. Used together with moisturizer, sleeping mask or alone, this amazing formula makes your skin stronger, optimally hydrated and younger-looking thanks to an amazing combination of ectoin and vitamin C.

{save} Anti-pollution Eye Cream

Anti-pollution Eye Cream ($35) – This exceptionally soothing eye cream includes a plant-derived, calming and strengthening ingredient, cica. Perfect for sensitive skin, also reduces the visibility of wrinkles and keeps your under-eye skin hydrated and healthy-looking.

{save} Anti-pollution Sleeping Mask

Anti-pollution Sleeping Mask ($49) – A night-time hydrating and strengthening compress that prevents early photo-aging. It helps to reduce the visibility of damaging effects of environmental factors such as pollution, UV and blue light thanks to ectoin. Highly hydrating, the mask gently removes dead cells for you to wake up with smoother, healthier and younger-looking skin.

{save} Rejuvenating Moisturizer

Rejuvenating Moisturizer ($49) – Rejuvenating Moisturizer is made with nearly 100% nature-derived ingredients. {save} never uses parabens, SLS, mineral oils, essential oils, dimethicone, alcohol or colorants, and it’s fragrance-free to suit even the most sensitive skin. Your skin will become stronger and more radiant thanks to the complex of prebiotics and probiotics which support your skin’s natural immune system. This complex will soothe and prevent any inflammation, irritation and reduce redness. This amazing formula will smooth the appearance of wrinkles with the help of plant-derived bakuchiol, a healthy and safe alternative to retinol with the very same anti-aging properties. Rejuvenating Moisturizer will give your skin a firmer, youthful glow and even out your skin tone with reduced pore visibility. Great for very dry and sensitive skin.

{save} skincare cruelty free eye cream

Smoothing Eye Cream ($35) – The appearance of fine lines around your eyes will be visibly smoothed thanks to the plant-derived ingredient Bakuchiol. It is a healthy, natural alternative to retinol, providing the same effect without all those negative side effects. It will tighten your skin and help reduce eye bags and puffiness. Smoothing Eye Cream was dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested for safety and gentleness. In this formula, composed of 98% nature-derived ingredients, you will find other gifts from Mother Nature such as probiotics, prebiotics, bamboo bioferment and algae that will hydrate your skin, reduce shadows and dark circles and bring more light and life to your eyes!

{save} Ultra-light Moisturizer

Ultra-light Moisturizer ($40) – This feather-light formula vanishes into the skin without clogging pores or leaving a greasy feeling. It leaves the skin feeling smooth and soothed thanks to a unique bamboo-derived ingredient. It boosts the renewal of skin cells in the most delicate way, so it’s safe for sensitive skin. Your skin’s natural defense barrier will be preserved thanks to the gentle complex of prebiotics and probiotics. Like all {save} products, this formula is 100% free from parabens, SLS, mineral oils, fragrance, essential oils, alcohol or colorants.

{save} Soothing Sheet Mask

Soothing Sheet Mask ($10) – The most soothing and gentle mask you have ever used. 100% innovative hypo-allergenic cellulose biomaterial of nanometric fibers created during fermentation. It soothes and cools down irritations caused by environmental stressors, extensive skincare routines or cosmetic and aesthetic treatments. It also strengthens your natural skin barrier and is perfect to use on top of Anti-pollution Vit C Booster. Soothing Sheet Mask provides you instant cooling effect and immediate relief.

{save} cruelty free skincare giveaway

Enter to win an entire set of {save} cruelty free skincare products plus a $50 Amazon gift card! You can enter via the Rafflecopter widget below. Enter as many times as you like (you don’t have to complete every step to enter to win) – each action is worth a different number of entries. US only, 18+. Ends 4/3/20 at 12 am PST.

One lucky winner will get:

  • $50 Amazon gift card
  • Hydrating Facial Cleanser ($20)
  • Gentle Gommage Exfoliator ($25)
  • Two Sheet Masks ($20)
  • Vitamin C Booster ($48)
  • Anti-pollution Sleeping Mask ($49)
  • Ultra-light Moisturizer ($40)
  • Rejuvenating Moisturizer ($49)
  • Anti-Pollution Eye Cream ($35)
  • Smoothing Eye Cream ($35)
  • TOTAL VALUE: $371

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