Utilizing Technology for Crop Scouting

Now that crops are in the ground, it’s a make or break time for growers. The success of harvest season is dependent on a number of factors. The use of cover crops, fertilizers, and herbicides can all aid farmers in having success during the fall.

One method that has been trusted for decades to ensure the effectiveness of pest control and crop performance is crop scouting. Crop scouting is the process of traveling through a crop field to make observations regarding weed populations, plant growth, and more to make continuous changes to a crop management plan.

Traditional methods of crop scouting include walking through the field and observing plants manually using several tools such as pocketknives, bags, magnification lens, and field notes.

Despite the importance, this can be a very time-consuming task to have to take on. With the continuing advancements in technology and connectivity, there are many resources for growers in their back pocket to utilize to save them time and money.

Apps to download

It seems there is an app for everything these days. Here are a couple to check out:

  • FieldAgent (iPhone, iPad). FieldAgent captures data to make agricultural crop health maps, count plants, find weeds and more. Compatible with most any modern DJI drone, FieldAgent manages all the details of flying so you can focus simply on the desired map.

  • AgWorld Scout (iPhone, iPad). Ag World Scout is a farm monitoring application that enables you to create and complete in-field assessments to monitor crop health, pest pressure and more. Perform crop monitoring and bug counting tasks without the complexity of spreadsheets or the frustration of paper-based forms.

  • FarmLogs (iPhone, iPad, Android). FarmLogs is a farm management app used by thousands of growers to keep digital farm records, monitor field and crop conditions, and analyze their farm’s financial performance.

Finding the right accounts to follow on Twitter

Social media has allowed people to connect in many ways, despite their location. Following others can allow you to stay current on news, possible pests or fungal infection coming to an area, new technology, or weather that may affect your crops. It may be overwhelming to find accounts that you can relate to, so here are a few ways to find the best for your feed:

  • Find your local and state extension agents. These extension accounts provide updates for farmers in their local area through news, educational courses and opportunities, events, and ways to get connected within your community.
  • Follow your favorite agricultural publications. While the bulk of content that publications post is in their magazines, you can find a good deal of information on their social media accounts. This allows you to see updates from them in real time.
  • Search agronomists in your area. Agronomists are the gateway between growers and crop researchers. Finding ones in your area can give you the latest news and technology in your area.
  • Follow your leading ag manufacturers. This can allow you to be connected to your manufacturers and be the first to know about new products, technologies, and updates on the company.

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