Bright, Sparkly Writing Prompts For The Fourth Of July | Writer’s Relief

Bright, Sparkly Writing Prompts For The Fourth Of July | Writer’s Relief

Time to declare your independence from writer’s block! These red, white, and blue Fourth of July-themed writing prompts will help spark your inspiration.

Note: If you post the results of this writing exercise in our comments section, please be aware of publishing industry rules about previously published writing.

Summer Writing Prompts Inspired By The Fourth Of July

The presentation of the cake for the holiday picnic didn’t go as planned. What happened?


It’s the first time they’ve been together since college. There’s happiness at seeing each other, but also something more. What long-held secret will be revealed?

Confined to her sickbed, the sound of the fireworks display across town reminds her of the first time she ever held a sparkler. Write the story she tells her granddaughter.


Two people unexpectedly wind up at the same spot to watch the distant fireworks display. What’s special about this place to them?

The dessert contest is about to begin, but one entry won’t make it to the judging table! Tell how this pup ended up snacking on the family recipe.


Everyone waves as the Independence Day parade of firetrucks drives by. But who is that waving from the back of the first fire engine?

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