7 Game changing digital marketing strategies to grow your small business in 2020

One question that hovers around every business owner at this time of the year is – how to create a growth strategy that gives me 3x, 10x or 20x growth as compared to the previous year. If that’s what in your mind, here are 7 game-changing digital marketing strategies that could change the fortunes of your business in 2020 and beyond.

1. Move to Omni-channel marketing

Evaluate your businesses needs and focus on improving the customer experience. Integrating various systems like onsite, social and email marketing, physical store experience, and mobile experience is far more customer-focused as compared to the traditional retail model. You can also attract more customers as you integrate marketing and sales platforms as consumers will find the marketing offers more purposeful and the checkout experience will be smoother.

2. Create content with reach potential

Content marketing is seen to have a huge impact on businesses. In 2020, we will need to focus on more content creation and distribution that is consistent and relevant for your target audience. To attract the audience, SME’s will need to focus on a content marketing strategy that leads to growth in visitors, leads and customers. Videos, podcasts etc. will need to be of quality and optimized for SEO and for your readers.

3. Video marketing is here to stay

Increase brand awareness and online presence with branded video marketing. Produce high quality, visually engaging videos to attract a larger audience and encourage them to subscribe or visit landing pages. This can even boost your social media presence as your content gets more relevant and targeted. A good video marketing strategy means your video is more likely to go viral as more people engage with it.

4. Personalize every bit of marketing

2020 will be the year of personalization. Deliver a clear message that is relevant to your customers and map out your content to deliver timely and relevant messaging, segmented by visitor traffic, customer personas etc. Make sure all your marketing channels follow this personalized approach and your business will start to outgrow your competition.

5. Make the best use of micro-influencer marketing

Micro-influencers have relatively smaller more niche audiences and your small businesses budget won’t take a major hit when you hire them. The best part is they deliver results! They have a more engaged, community-driven audience and your money spend will drive more engagement.

6. Target position zero and featured snippets

To be in ‘position zero’ means to have your content appear first above the rest of the search results and the snippet gives users a preview of the results pertaining to their search.  In order to achieve this you must optimize your content for SEO. Focus efforts to drive traffic and leads to your website. You need to have good domain authority and more relevant content. Make sure you structure your content well, do keyword research, and use appropriate headers and formatting to help Google organize your content in a chronological manner.

7. Don’t miss to optimize for voice searches

Along with SEO, incorporate voice search
optimization in your marketing strategy. To optimize for voice search make sure
you focus on – improving your page loading speed by using lighter themes and
plugins. Secondly, mobile optimization is important as more and more people use
it to search these days. Position Zero Optimization and keyword research – both
long-term and short-term should be a part of your strategy. Local SEO
optimization that gives users as much information as possible will make it easy
for users to find you. Utilize Schema mark-up – classify words and sentences on
your website to assist search engines in organizing content.

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