In these current times we are all looking for connection. We search for the things that bind, that make us feel like we’re all going through the same thing. Music is a tool for this, and Mabes delivers, meeting this longing with her new EP Keeping The Noise Down

Mabes came on to the scene with her 2019 debut Wait & See, and continues to broaden her reach with her sophomore album. Her folk stylings, along with a hint of her British accent, is instantly endearing, but her depth goes further than this. Her music is relatable, reaching out and touching our souls, and her message reassures that we are connected through our humanity, and it’s going to be alright. 

Initially, Mabes draws us in with a beautiful ethereal melody, just a girl and her guitar on the album’s title track, and deftly brings us into her insecurities, showing us the balance between our frailty and the strength of our egos. Honest lyrics abound, and this song is the perfect gateway to the rest of the EP. “Stuck In The Rain” lulls with its laid back groove and smooth rhythm, each arrangement beautifully segues into the next track, building momentum while keeping us in comfort.  Lyrics float over rough water in “Slow Drowning,” a sonic juxtaposition suggesting a long process of failing love. The album ends with rainy-day horns and an R&B inspired beat in “Might as Well,” its layered feeling transcending the dreamy landscapes she’s set forth.

Mabes has given us not only her talent but the gift of sweet openness, providing much-needed escapism and reassurance that tomorrow will indeed be a new day.

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[This review was handcrafted with care by Sharon Zehender]

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