Blonde Hair – How to Maintain it?

Blondes make a very bold statement with their hair. Taking control of their narrative, and often going the extra mile to do so, which is very evident since blonde hair requires the most maintenance. Frequent visits to the salon, visible roots, and damaged hair are just a few of the issues they have to regularly deal with. Blonde tones also turn into rusty, brassy tones over time, but if you follow these simple steps, then you will be rid of your hair related worries, and you won’t be getting brassy tones anytime soon and minimize the damage to your hair.

Using Purple Shampoo to counteract Brassy Tones

Use purple shampoo to fight brassy tones

One of the best ways to maintain your blonde tones is to use products that are formulated to protect those tones. Such as purple shampoos that counter brassy tones like GKhair Silver Bombshell Shampoo. It is the part of GKhair’s Bombshell series, made specifically for blonde hair. It has a violet base that counteracts those unwanted orange brassy tones and helps you protect and prolong your blonde tones. Silver Bombshell Shampoo, infused with Vitamin B5, repairs and heals damaged hair and split ends, ridding you of the worries of hair damage.

Use a Hair Mask to Brighten your tonesKeep your blonde tones vibrant

Dyeing can take away the moisture from the hair and cause the hair to become dry, which threatens the health of the hair and the color, making it dull and unattractive. To counter that, the use of a hair mask made specifically for blonde hair like the GKhair Ultra Blonde Bombshell Masque is recommended. This product is part of GKhair’s Bombshell series, which specifically caters to the needs of blonde hair. This mask will quickly and efficiently eliminate unwanted brassy hair tones. It will also strengthen, nourish, and repair the hair, making them shiny and radiant.

If your hair is brittle and damaged, then you can also use GKhair Hot Bombshell Masque, formulated specifically for blonde hair. It contains a keratin anti-aging protein blend that restores vibrancy and brilliance to dull, brittle hair through deep conditioning. It also has a blue base to neutralize orange and yellow brassy tones.

Use Aftercare Products to prolong your cool tones

Incorporate aftercare to protect the color

You can also counteract brassy tones on the go. With aftercare products that are fast-acting and give great results like GKhair Leave-in Bombshell Cream. It is a rich moisturizing cream that sedates frizz and nourishes hair.  As it is a part of the Bombshell series, it specifically caters to blonde hair. It helps you maintain beautiful cool tones by neutralizing unwanted orange brassy tones and that too on the go.

Smooth out the Frizz

Fight the frizz while protecting your hair

Hair lightening can cause a lot of damage to the hair. Continued exposure to chemicals can wreak havoc on the hair and/or reduces shine, dulling the hair color. This leads to a loss of moisture and can creates a lot of frizz and tangles in the hair. To eliminate that frizz, taming treatments are a viable option. But can blondes just use any taming treatments?

Blonde hair is very sensitive so one has to be careful. Therefore, taming treatments made specifically for blonde hair like GKhair Miami Bombshell are recommended. The treatment specifically caters to blonde hair and covers all types of hair. Miami Bombshell has a blue base that fights off the brassy tones. It has no formaldehyde so you can have smooth, frizz-free and straight hair improving your overall hair health.

If you follow all these tips, then you will have beautiful and smooth blonde hair! Read more about hair care and GKhair Bombshell series at

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