Enhancement Sales Platform Outreach Funded $50M

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Customer relationship management software has shifted a deciding piece of IT when it comes to making business done, and today a startup focusing on one particular aspect of that stack sales automation.

Seattle, Washington-based Outreach, one of the largest sales engagement platform providers, was funded $50 million in a Series Sands Capital led f round in financing with participation from Salesforce Ventures. Also, new investor Operator Collective will be participating in surviving investors, which include Spark Capital, Meritech Capital Partners, Trinity Ventures, Mayfield, Sapphire Ventures, and Lone Pine Capital.

Outreach will use the funding to proceed in delivering new revolutionary technologies like Outreach Kaia, the new Knowledge AI Assistant. It is also moving ahead with its expansion plans and investing in new markets. Outreach’s finances will help not only transform sales engagement but revolutionize the entire customer lifecycle for go-to-market teams.

The platform today essentially integrates with a company’s existing CRM, be it Salesforce, or Microsoft’s, or something else. It provides a SaaS-based set of tools for helping to source and track meetings, has to-hand information on sales targets, and a communications manager that allows for outreach calls and other communication in real-time.

Outreach intends to address these difficulties in part through AI-enabled solutions. First up is Kaia, a voice-powered knowledge assistant programmed to launch in beta that brings together intelligent sales enablement and automation elements.  Kaia integrates with Zoom and supports video recording with real-time screen sharing, call recording, and transcription. Moreover, it lets sales reps review calls for training and coaching, and it provides flashcards that highlight information on topics like product specifications, competitor comparisons, and stakeholder knowledge.

Outreach has a growth rate over the past year, increasing its employee count to almost 600 employees, extending to new locations in the U.S. and U.K., as well as hosting the most significant virtual sales conference in North America with more than 14,000 registrants.

By: K. Tagura

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