Father’s Day gift- DIY puzzle

A fun kids craft for Father’s day- a custom puzzle. And extra bonus because you can use puzzles from the dollar store to make this craft a great money saver! 

This is such a cool and easy craft! So cool in fact I wanted to make so many fun custom puzzles to send to my neice and nephews! Here is what I used to create the puzzle

How to paint a puzzle

Put together your puzzle. Keep in mind the age of the recipient. These puzzles come in 24, 48, and larger!

Cover with paint. You don’t want lots of paint to seep down and stick the puzzle pieces together. Almost a dry brush of paint. You will need a  few coats. You can cover it with white paint and then let your kids just decorate it with markers if they are too little for paint.

Once it’s dry, write your fun message. You can use regular paint but we like the easiness of the sharpie paint pen.

After it’s all dry, break apart the puzzle and put it in a cute gift box or envelope if you are shipping it to someone! Seriously, the cutest diy father’s day gift (or mother’s day gift!)

Cutest way to let people know that you are thinking about them! You can write a big long letter, draw a picture or just their name for a fun custom gift!

I can’t get over how cute these rainbow pieces are all together!

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