How Often Do You Recycle Old Content?

Enjoy this video from my days in Nicaragua:

I recorded and uploaded the video in 2016. 4 years ago, I drove traffic through the video. 4 years later, I recycle the video today because using what ya got is a simple, easy way to increase both blog traffic and profits. You and I likely forget how every blog post, video and guest post is a content asset. Everything you publish can help people forever if evergreen in nature.

Why not recycle old content to make blogging a little bit easier? I have no need to create 10 to 20 pieces of new content daily because I have thousands of posts spreading the word for me passively, 24-7, 365. But I often need to give old content a nudge. Enter recycling.

This blog post serves as an excellent example. 4 years after the publish date, I embedded this video into this guest post. The topic is evergreen. I can share the video forever because it is as relevant today as it was 4 years ago.

Recycling simply means using old content to benefit readers now through promoting, embedding or by publishing a new post solely around the old video, podcast or blog post. Never write off old creations. Think abundantly. Value every piece of content you create. Think not about squeezing as much traffic and profits as possible through the recycled content; do not think in terms of scarcity, or lack.

Frame recycling in more abundant fashion. Allow all content you published to work for you. Perhaps you only promote one piece of old content out of 1000 old creations per day. That’s OK because giving one post a nudge expands your blogging presence a little bit more. I also get to enjoy more time offline – like I did when snapping the camel photo above in Oman – when I leverage my blogging time effectively online.

I promote at least one old post from Blogging From Paradise daily. Doing so gives me greater clarity in what I already created. We often forget how much helpful work we’ve done over the years. Promoting evergreen content published long ago reminds you of your content value. But make sure content recycled is still timely, relevant and on point. Either delete or edit content needing updating before recycling these numbers.

I share a timeless tip to drive blog traffic easily through the above video embed. But imagine if the embed touted the benefits of using Google Plus? Google’s now defunct social network went the way of the dinosaur a while back. I would simply delete irrelevant posts like that one versus trying to edit, update or re-use dated pieces.

Ditto for any social media themed content heavy on specific practical tips. Imagine advising Facebook users how generating a sick amount of organic traffic thru the platform is easy. Nothing could be farther from the truth these days, since Facebook shifted toward a paid marketing model to boost traffic easily.

Scan your old videos today. What can you embed into a blog post or guest post? Observe your old blog posts. Check out old guest posts. Review old podcasts. How can you recycle any of this old content to create new content without breaking your back? Leveraging is a key to being sane online. Leveraging also helps you live a life of freedom. Following this recycling tactic also helps you give your old content the attention it deserves. Sounds like a square blogging deal to me.


Do you need to revisit the blogging fundamentals? Sometimes we all need to review the basics to ground ourselves. I enjoy doing this to stay on the blogging straight and narrow. If you need help in this area I wrote an eBook for you. Buy it here:

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