Make Your Own Mother’s Day Card Art

Mother’s Day is coming up and instead of just giving her a card, give her a card in a beautiful frame she can display and be reminded of your relationship. A card that doubles as artwork shows extra thought and how much you care. If you need some inspiration or need some instruction we have you covered. Find a card you love in our curated Mother’s Day collection. We have three easy and beautiful designs you can make for a special gift. Check it out down below.

Floral Stamping

This display allows you to add your own touch to an already beautiful card. With just a few touches you will amplify the sentiment of the card you chose just for her.

  1. Start with a piece of 8” x 10”* cardstock in a coordinating color to the card you chose.
  2. Center the Floral Frame Letterpress Mother’s Day card on the card stock and trace it lightly with a pencil.
  3. Remove the card and use stamps to create a nice design around the pencil border. Here is the flower stamp used in the example, you can use a stamp you already have or another flower one you like.  You can coordinate the colors of the border to the card.
  4. Mount the card to the cardstock with foam squares for some extra dimension.
  5. Frame it!


Have fun with this art. Watercolor is a great way to get creative and it will look beautiful. Perfect for all ages.

  1. Start with a piece of 8” x 10” cardstock (heavy paper like Luxe or Savoy recommended)
  2. Paint a watercolor pattern onto the cardstock. You can create an abstract border or paint a scene.
  3. Let the watercolor dry.
  4. Mount the Mama Bear Mother’s Day card to the cardstock with foam squares.
  5. Frame it!


Quilling, the artform of rolling paper into beautiful designs, will add elegance to a cute card. It is pretty easy to do once you get the hang of it and she will be so impressed with the intricacy the paper scrolls add.

  1. Start with a  piece of 8” x 10” cardstock.
  2. Center the Seriously Badass Mother’s Day card on the card stock and trace it lightly with a pencil.
  3. Trim text weight paper in the color of your choice to 1/8” or ¼” strips. You can use this paper trimmer to easily cut your strips of paper.
  4. Use a quilling tool to create decorative scrolls.
  5. Using the pencil border as your placement guide, glue the scrolls to the cardstock.  (PVA or aqua glue recommended)
  6. Mount the card to the cardstock with foam squares.
  7. Frame it!

Check out our full collection of fantastic Mother’s Day cards on our website. Whether you want more sentimental or humorous we have a card she will love.


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