Chattanooga, Tennessee-based wunderkinds Edward + Jane are back with a new single, “I Can’t Help,” set for its official release on May 14th. Since the band’s first EP release in 2017, they’ve been releasing emotionally-charged work that cuts straight to the very core of our humanity, songs that are a pleasure to revisit time and again.

The husband-wife duo, comprised of Timothy “Edward” and Emilie “Jane” Carpenter, has previously been known for their anthemic-style of folk-tinged Americana. Lately, Edward + Jane have taken a more indie-leaning approach, using soaring synth-based string sounds to create a different kind of atmosphere. They prevail no matter which sonic arena they choose.

“I Can’t Help” appears on the band’s upcoming EP, With You, Always, set for release on May 28, 2020. “‘I Can’t Help’ was the first song we wrote for With You, Always,” they explain. “Written originally for one of our closest friends, the song slowly morphed into a somber love song. It’s about trying to empathize and understand the heart of someone you love even when it hurts. It took a few hours of experimenting in the studio with producer Jonathan Class for us to find the raw emotion we wanted to express in the vocal takes for this song. We weren’t sure if this song would make it on to the EP, but after working through a few demo versions we felt it would be the glue that held the other songs together.”

“Hold me a little bit closer / Hold on like we’re out of time, A heart on the run / I’ve been coming undone / I need to be with you tonight. Help me to understand your heart / And maybe I’ll understand mine / I’ve tried to take care / But I’m worse for the wear/ Lately I’ve been tossed by the tide,” they sing, employing their signature – and preternatural – lyrical prowess to render a heart-wrenching plea for the comfort of connection with what is familiar. It’s a universal message, one that bears special weight in light of today’s world.

Without further ado, East of 8th is proud to present “I Can’t Help” by Edward + Jane:

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