The Art of Linda Ring’s Crafted Bread

Swedish photographer and stylist Linda Ring started baking her own gluten free bread for her family. She is now sharing her daily crafts with thousands of people on social media.

What’s so special about Linda Ring’s breads? Well, she uses them as canvas. She personifies them by drawing mysterious faces or still life. Her line is spontaneous and lively like the drawings of Jean Cocteau or Picasso.

Linda Ring’s Breads

By breaking free from the traditional notch process (that allows the water steam to evacuate), she imagines a pictural world that offers a whole new aesthetic identity to her creations. When the loaf of bread is baked, she sprinkles it with flour. It accentuates the contrast between the soft beige background and the browned lines of Linda Ring’s drawing. As a stylist she loves to stage them around her Stockholm house.

Crafted Bread Baking by Linda Ring

Linda Ring’s Breads Linda Ring’s Breads Linda Ring’s BreadsLinda Ring’s Breads

Bread is the essence of everyday life, and through the years the process became more and more industrial. Linda Ring goes back to the old artisanal way of making it, using flour from a local mill outside Stockholm. By respecting the long process of bread making and letting her imagination guide her, Linda Ring creates little everyday piece of art.

Linda Ring’s BreadsLinda Ring’s Breads

Linda Ring’s Breads

Photo Credits : Mikael Lundblad, Kathrin Koschitzki, Linda Ring, Matthias Ring. 


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