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I have new stickers in my shop. And whenever I list stickers- I get loads of questions on how I make them! So I’m finally sitting down to tell you how to make stickers! 

First. I do have a silhouette cameo and have a whole post and video on how to make your own stickers. But I wanted to mass produce and sell these stickers and frankly- I don’t have the time and patience to crank these out! I know lots of awesome etsy shops literally have 4-6 silhouettes running at a time making stickers and selling them. It can TOTALLY be done! But I actually have a company make mine!

But I’m putting the cart before the horse! First up


If you follow me on Instagram- you know I love my procreate app. It’s how I make all my cut files! While I love making cut files- I find it so limiting. They have to be in black and white and have no 3-d fanciness you get with shading. So I love that I can expand my procreate skills and let the creativity flow.

I do have a basic how to procreate blog post (that is quite the disturbing sentence if you think about it) But it helps you get acquainted with the app if you are new to it!

I just figure out what I want and start sketching. I do try to keep the stickers all in my brand. I use the same color schemes and make only art/crafty themed ones! I keep in mind what kind of sticker  I would want to put on my computer or water bottle.

Making the Stickers.

First. If you want to DIY them- check out this blog post. I would recommend using the laminate to cover it if you are selling them. They really hold up well! I love this set from Expressions Vinyl! 

BUT- if you are looking to outsource- I use (and love) Sticker Mule. I actually tried another sticker company. StickerAPP They were great-Priced about the same too. BUT their stickers have more of a shiny sticker look while sticker Mule has a matte vinyl feel. You can see the sheen from the stickerapp sticker.

Sticker mule, in my opinion, looks a step up in the quality.  I also really like that Sticker Mule runs great sales- sign up for their emails! I always just design and design and wait for something to go on sale and then put in an order! And the more you buy, the more you save! Bonus!

Sticker Mule also has packaging stuff, stickers on a roll (I have some that I use to put on the back of the envelopes when I ship my stickers) and magnets–so you could just get all the branding stuff!

Another thing I really like about Sticker Mule is that you just upload it, and they do all the work. They will make it look  like it should- add a white border etc.

They will send you a proof- you can literally type in anything you want changed! Easy peasy! (this one is holographic!)

They also ship super fast! I have always gotten my order 3 days before estimated delivery.

The ones I order are round and die cut.

I haven’t gotten any bigger than 3×3 and I bought little 1×1 inch circles for the back of my envelopes!

Keep in mind that the die cuts- aren’t always 3×3! If you do something rectangle shaped, the longest part will be 3 inches but the other side won’t be! I always include a picture with the ruler next to the sticker so people can see size approx. 

If you click here- you can get $10 off your first order with sticker mule! 


How to Price your stickers

You need to take in account your costs. Sticker costs. Envelope costs. Stamp costs. I ship my stickers for free. I also put my stickers in a card inside the envelope to help keep them from getting bent or creased. Plus I have the fees of shopify (or if you are etsy- there are etsy fees too) PLUS PLUS I pay my daughter to ship them out (if you are doing it, consider your time and effort) Sit down and do the math and break down the cost of


When they finally show up- I take photos of them (you could just use the proofs if you want) and put them in my shopify! My daughter is the one that collects the orders, addresses the envelopes and put them in the mail!


I hope I answered all the questions! Let me know if you have any more! If you want to purchase some of my fun craft themed stickers– you can snag some here



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