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Belgian Waffles stacked with strawberries, blueberries and cream
  • Our neighbor gave us an old pop up trailer that needs some work. I like a project, so I am fixing it up so we can take it camping. I think it will be awesome!
  • We normally host a big 4th of July breakfast for our neighborhood, but we aren’t doing it this year. It’s a bummer, but we want to be safe. We will still make the boys waffles.
  • Reunited.
  • The boys are into Floor is Lava and Raising Dion on Netflix. They have also watched Zombies one and two about a million times.
  • Kids’ museums will be less hands on.


  • New this week, the perfect salad for the 4th, a great grilling recipe, and the ultimate summer dessert!
  • Cute chambray dress and top!
  • Jazz up your salads with these, these, and these!
  • I’ve seen a lot of people talk about this so I decided to try it and I have to say I am 100% a believer. Hooked for life!
  • I have this and love it…and now it’s on mega sale.
  • We have been going on a lot of family walks and to mix it up, sometimes we drive to different neighborhoods. I love looking at houses and landscaping.
  • Love this neutral skirt, this floral dress, and this striped shirt.
  • Definitely trying this!
  • Our raspberries are ripe and we love picking handfuls every morning.
  • Lots of lunch ideas!
  • Pretty eyelet dresses: one and two!
  • Whoa! I want a scoop!
  • What’s your Comfort Movie? I have so many! Pretty Woman, Big Business, Troop Beverly Hills, Clueless, My Best Friends Wedding…to name a few. Read the comments for lots of ideas!
  • ABLE is having a great sale! Love their stuff!
  • Triple berry equals triple love!
  • What are you doing for the 4th? We are keeping things simple, but it should still be fun. We will make a special breakfast, go on a hike, have a family BBQ, and do some small fireworks with the boys. Oh, and of course there will be dessert! If you need 4th of July recipes, browse our favorites HERE. Have a great holiday weekend!

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