Virtual Learning Resources from Ask, Listen, Learn and Discovery Education Spark Important Conversations at Home about the Prevention of Underage Drinking

Digital Tools for Families Grow Students’ Confidence to Say “NO” to Underage Drinking

Parents are the leading influence on their kid’s decision to drink – or not to drink – alcohol.  As summer approaches, educators can support parents with a diverse array of digital resources now available from Ask, Listen, Learn and Discovery Education to initiate conversations that help students say “YES” to a healthy lifestyle and “NO” to underage drinking.

In partnership with Discovery Education, Ask, Listen, Learn provides digital resources for communities to learn about the impacts of alcohol on the developing brain. Encouraging informative and engaging conversations – both inside and outside of the classroom – is key to teaching kids the importance of saying “NO” to underage drinking.

Parents and guardians have the unique power to influence their kids’ decisions about underage drinking. The following resources from Ask, Listen, Learn in partnership with Discovery Education offer support for starting the conversation:

  • Ask, Listen, Learn Digital Exploration: In this interactive and self-paced module, students learn about the effects of alcohol on the developing brain and use this information to help themselves (and friends!) make informed and responsible decisions when confronted with peer pressure to drink alcohol underage.
  • Digital Exploration Family Activity: Designed to accompany students’ exploration of the interactive module, in this activity, students react to scenarios related to underage drinking with a refusal strategy, an acceptance of a positive alternative, or a strategy to keep friends from making unhealthy choices.
  • Ask, Listen, Learn Family Infographic: Learn key tips and tricks for how to start, and keep, the chat about saying “NO” to underage drinking.
  • Ask, Listen, Learn: Kids and Alcohol Don’t Mix: Access videos, lesson plans, games, and other science-based resources available from the most widely distributed underage drinking program of its kind.

Providing students with real-world content that supports the development of the whole student is critically important. These dynamic, science-based virtual learning resources foster healthy decision making, while also supporting STEM education. Learn more and share Ask, Listen, Learn resources on through Discovery Education Experience or by visiting

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