Why You Should Submit Your Projects to FaveCrafts

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Are you familiar with our Share Your Project feature? If not, you should be!

Submit your original project!

Get more traffic to your blog by submitting your projects to FaveCrafts! It’s easy, free, and a great way to grow your personal brand.

You can submit the full project and include a link back to your blog for more information, such as a printable PDF of instructions or a video tutorial. Or, most commonly, bloggers include a link to their blog for the full tutorial. Thus, the project you’ve posted on FaveCrafts is only a “preview”, so our readers need to click through to your blog to see the full instructions. It’s traffic for you and content for us, which is a wonderful win-win!

How It Works:

  1. Visit our Share Your Project page. You’ll create an account if you don’t have one with us already. Then you’ll scroll down and “Click to Share Your Project.”
  2. Follow the prompts to share your project. You’ll include the following information:
    • Project Type
    • Title
    • Category
    • Image(s)
    • Description of the Project (75-100 words)
    • Other attributes like difficulty level, technique, etc
    • The link to the project on your blog
    • OPTIONAL: Materials List
    • OPTIONAL: Instructions
    • OPTIONAL: Notes
  3. Save and submit.
  4. Once your project is live on the site, you’ll receive an email from us with the link.

NOTE: Projects must be full tutorials, and they must be free content. Otherwise they will be declined/deactivated on FaveCrafts. You can read our full User Submitted Articles policy here.

Why You Should Submit Your Projects to FaveCrafts

Why You Should Submit Your Projects to FaveCrafts

1. Drive Traffic Back to Your Blog

By sharing your project with us, you include at minimum a photo, description, and link back to the project on your blog. This means our readers need to click through to your blog to learn how to make the craft.

2. Get Brand Exposure

Are you new to the blogging universe? Maybe you’ve been blogging for a while, but you’re looking for new avenues to grow your audience. Every time you share a project with us, your name and blog name are in the byline. Our readers have the opportunity to get familiar with your projects and if they love your work, you might gain new subscribers and followers from sharing your projects with us.

3. You’re Likely to Gain Compound Traffic

What do I mean by compound traffic? Not only will you gain traffic from our site visitors viewing your projects and clicking through to your blogs, but your project might be featured in our newsletter or other places on our site for added exposure.

For example, if I write a collection page of beautiful tin can crafts and we feature your project, visitors browsing that collection will see it. We write our collection pages for SEO, meaning we’re pulling in organic visitors—a whole new audience for viewing your project.

4. It’s Easy to Submit!

Over the years we’ve worked on improving our User Submitted Articles process to make it friendlier than ever! With only a short form to fill out, the user submitted process should be a given when you set out to promote your content (in addition to newsletters, social media, etc). Check out the process for yourself here.

Check out the process for yourself here.

5. You’ll Revive Older Content

Maybe you don’t make a targeted effort to promote that pattern you wrote in 2012. When you share these projects from the archives with us, you’re getting eyes on content that hasn’t seen a lot of traffic lately!

Did We Miss Anything?

Now that you’ve read a plethora of reasons you should share your projects with us, now’s the time to start! Pick a project from your blog, new or old, and submit it today. We can’t wait to help you grow!

Submit Your Projects Today!

This article was originally published on the FaveCrafts website here. Read the original version for more information, such as testimonials from bloggers who love our submit your project feature!


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