Yarn weaving craft and diy dream catcher

Ready to try a new technique? How about a fun yarn weaving craft? I’m going to teach you everything you need to know to make your own! You can even turn them into a darling dream catcher.

This fun technique is super cool when finished! It’s pretty soothing once you have your colors picked out. Just in and out! I’m going to show you the basics how to on a paper plate and then we will take it a step further and create a dream catcher!


Here is what you need to create a Yarn Weaving Craft

  • Yarn (in all the pretty colors)
  • scissors
  • pencil/ruler
  • paper plate or embroidery hoop

How to do a Yarn Weave on a paper plate

I take a ruler and measure around markers to keep my lines even. YOu can do 8- or 16. I think the 16 looks cooler cause it’s so much more detail. But if you have little kids, 8 will probably be fine. You can cut out a big circle from a cardboard box as well! I personally loved the paper plate because it curves down and makes it easy to weave under.

Snip just the edge. About one inch thick.

Wrap string around. Like you are cutting a pizza. straight across. I did one continuous piece of yarn and just wrapped them nice and tight. (you will be able to see the string so pick a color that matches your color scheme)

Then you take a piece of string and tie it onto one of the main strings. then weave. Round and round cinnamon style going over and then under. When you want to switch colors, you can tie the string off and tie on a new string. I tie it onto the strings that I’m going over. It helps hide the knots.

I liked to swap the pattern of what ones I am going over and under. You can see with the yellow I’m going over the ones I previously had gone under.


Wrapwrapwrap. Weave weave weave. Change out the colors. You can use big yarn or little yarn. I have seen people string beads on yarn as they go to add an extra touch.


How to make a yarn weave diy dream catcher

Using that same technique- let’s DIY a dream catcher!

I tied on strings directly to the hoop. You want them tight so it doesn’t sag. You can add hot glue to help hold it so it won’t come undone.

Then start weaving. Same technique as with paper plate. Over under!


After you are done, you can loop some long pieces of yarn to hang down from the bottom of the hoop!

I have seen some adorable ones that also have tassels and pom-poms hanging down!

Hang these cuties on your wall and admire

I do have another dream catcher craft here with lots of fun scrap ribbon and a doily! You can interchange some of the ideas with this!

and if you are looking for more fun crafts that kids will love- check out my kids craft camp



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