AFL umpire impedes ball in controversial review

The AFL’s score review system is once again under scrutiny following a controversial decision to award Collingwood a behind after the ball made contact with the goal umpire.

The Essendon Bombers defeated the Magpies 63-48 on Friday night at the MCG.

But midway during the third quarter footy fans were left scratching their heads when the goal umpire made contact with the ball as it bounced on the line and into the direction of the goal post.

The moment prompted the goal umpire to send the decision upstairs to the AFL’s review centre (ARC).

Goal umpire gets in the way (Channel Seven)

After review the ARC ruled the ball would’ve hit the goal post, constituting a behind.

“Review complete. Looking at this angle; I’m satisfied if the ball did not hit the goal umpire, it would have hit the goal post,” the score review official said.

The decision left AFL great and Channel Seven commentator Brian Taylor baffled.

“Oh, boy. Oh, boy. Gee, it lands on the line and then hits the goal umpire who was attached to the post at that time,” Taylor said.

“And the whole ball is not across when it hits him.

“Oh Boy, we will never really, really know. But what a crucial decision.”

Following the decision, fans were quick to react on social media.

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