Angels star Trout still uncomfortable with playing

Los Angeles Angels star outfielder Mike Trout says he “still doesn’t feel comfortable” with MLB’s plan to play a 60-game season, citing concerns with safety for his family.

“Honestly, I still don’t feel comfortable,” Trout told reporters Friday. “Obviously, with the baby coming, there’s a lot of stuff going through my mind right now, my wife’s mind and my family. Just trying to be the safest and most cautious way to get through a season.”

Trout and his wife, Jessica Cox, are expecting their first child to be born in August.

As teams returned to their home stadiums for training camp Friday, Trout emphasized the importance of staying safe amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“I think the biggest thing is, obviously, I don’t want to test positive and I don’t want to bring it back to my wife,” he said. “We’ve thought hard about all this; still thinking about all this. It’s a tough time, tough situation we’re in, everybody’s in. Everybody’s got a responsibility in this clubhouse to social distance, stay inside, wear masks and keep everybody safe.”

Trout said he wants to play baseball this season but that he might have to reconsider if there is a COVID-19 outbreak.

“I talk to a lot of guys across the league, and they’re texting me a lot. I’m not gonna name any names, but it’s just a crazy — they’re all thinking the same thing: ‘Is this gonna work?'” Trout said. “We just gotta stay safe and obviously be as cautious as we can.”

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