Fieldoo Football Trials In Nigeria

Nigeria is a land of super talented football players. It has provided and still is providing some of the World’s most exciting players to top leagues.

But for every Nigerian football superstar, there are 100 players that are missed in the system or an opportunity is not provided to them. Fieldoo is coming to amend that and provide a chance for all.

Fieldoo, a football start-up company from Switzerland, chose Nigeria for a starting ground to launch the Fieldoo Challenge, a new form of football recruitment that enhances football trials to a completely new level.

Fieldoo Challenge is a series of offline events around the globe with a mission to scout top talented young players and provide them with direct opportunity of becoming professional footballers and offering complete support along the way for the winners of the trial.

Fieldoo Challenge is bringing 10 European clubs and coaches directly to the players to assess them and scout the best ones for the clubs. Fieldoo is also going to build a team of the best players and showcase them in Europe.

Players are going to travel to Europe and play competitive matches with European clubs and well will get the chance to do club trials.

Fieldoo is also going to provide complete legal and marketing support for the players.

Participating players will also get their online sports passports on and exposure and presentation online to the football industry.

“We chose Nigeria for a reason,” said the CEO of Fieldoo, Klemen Hosta. “We know the talent and desire is there but at the same time, we want start addressing a big problem of football recruitment; fraud and scam in the recruitment.

“Young players are getting exploited and I’m not talking just about, let’s say, slave contracts but people are actually extracting money from these players. Agents drag them all over the world and then they leave them there, taking their passports. It’s incredible what is going on.”

Fieldoo is working to change that and Fieldoo Challenge is the first step! In football, not even Messi can win by himself and we are building a winning team in Nigeria. The Fieldoo Challenge is starting in early November in Abuja.

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