‘That’s a shemozzle’: Bunker howler stuns fans

NRL fans were left confused after the NRL bunker appeared to botch a captain’s challenge called by St George.

The Dragons were defeated by the Canberra Raiders 22-16 at GIO Stadium on Friday night.

But the NRL may a have a case to answer after Raiders defender Michael Oldfield appeared to knock-on a cutout pass from Adam Clune in attacking territory late in the second half.

With the match still in the balance, the Dragons used their captain’s challenge with replays clearly showing a knock-on.

St George Illawarra (Getty/Fox Sports)

Fox Sports commentator’s Steve Roach and Brenton Speed seemed certain Oldfield had made contact with the ball and knocked it on.

“Does the ball change in any way after it leaves Oldfield’s hands?” NRL great Steve Roach said.

Brenton Speed added: “It does there is a little fingertip there on the replay I see it.”

“More importantly does the video referee?

But the bunker ruled that the ball had gone backwards off Oldfield’s hand despite it clearly going forward.

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“How has it gone backwards?” Speed added.

“The pass has gone backwards by the Dragons so therefore it must have gone forward off Oldfield.

“This would be a crazy adjudication.”

The bunker then left fans and players scratching their heads when they said St George’s challenge was a successful one before handing possession to the Raiders.

“What? The Dragons challenged and they just said challenge successful. That is a shemozzle from the Bunker,” Speed said.

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