Top Nonprofit Digital Marketing Agencies With Best Ideas

Let’s admit that it is easier to be convinced about a shiny product than a great idea or opinion. This is the main reason why nonprofit organizations need to partner with an ambitious agency for digital marketing.

Even if it is the same price, you can easily sell a small tree souvenir while you have to talk more for someone to pay for a real tree (although you will plant it for them). Don’t hesitate to consult a digital agency for a correct nonprofit marketing strategy.

Why would you need a nonprofit digital marketing agency?

Not-for-profits and charities are usually run by heart rather than money. Because even if they have money, they prefer to use it for someone or something in more need instead of using it for the organization or for the volunteers/employees working for them. After all, this is what they are for.

Therefore, they do not spare much budget on digital marketing. However, as the whole world is going digital, they need to exist on digital to reach out to someone. But how? Especially with a tight budget? Of course, with the help of nonprofit digital marketing agencies, who are as passionate and ambitious as their volunteers.

Digital marketing strategies can be easier to set for colorful products or some specific service which a target group will need. However, when it comes to “selling ideas”, it is not easy at all.

You might want to call for volunteers or donors for your nonprofit organization’s projects. According to human nature in today’s world, we do not prefer to spare money to help someone we do not see, for an ilness we have not witnessed, a natural disaster which doesn’t affect our daily life much, or an animal in another part of the world. So, it really requires some great strategies to convince people into investing time or money on your project.

How can nonprofit marketing agencies help charities and not-for-profits?

Videos, for example, can be more tempting. If you say “there is a climate change affecting the whole world” on your website, that might be very correct but it will not be enough. However, if you include a video showing the huge glaciers melting, and polar bears and penguins being homeless and separated from their families, you will definitely touch more hearts.

These all might be very clear and touching to the people in the nonprofit organization as it is their daily effort, research and work. However, only a nonprofit marketing agency can help you to find which nonprotif marketing type would be more effective to put your budget on and to reach out to more donors or volunteers. Because this one is their daily research and work.

What are the best nonprofit marketing digital agencies?

I can assume and totally understand it is not easy to find & trust a digital marketing agency who can embrace your work as their own. This is why I have listed the top reliable nonprofit marketing agencies who already have experience in this for you:

  • Luminary
  • The Charles
  • Bilberrry
  • Distinction
  • Absolute Digital Media
  • The Walk
  • Key Medium
  • Bravo
  • Social Republic
  • Catch Digital
  • 93digital


As an Australian-based agency, Luminary has been working with charities and nonprofit organizations for years. While the agency was recently celebrating its 21st anniversary, they donated to charities rather than having an office party. It clearly indicates that they are passionate about nonprofit marketing and they are not doing it for just money.


Their current clients include Fred Hollows Foundation, Save The Children, The Heart Foundation, Cancer Council Australia, The Shrine of Remembrance, and The Australian Energy Market Regulator (AEMO), among others.

At Luminary, they provide charities and not-for-profits (NFPs) with the complete digital package, from best-in-class websites to effective email communications and marketing automation systems.

The Charles

With offices in New York, Chicago and London, The Charles is a full-service digital marketing agency.

When you visit their website, you will see their shiny work with a lot of luxurious brands. And, you might think that it doesn’t fit for your not-for-profit organization or charity. However, this assumption is not true.

Because they are also a great nonprofit marketing agency who can support you accomplishing your goals. They have a lot of experience with the target audience who has a lot of assets and can be your future donors. Hereby, you can benefit from their nonprofit marketing strategies for your charity or nonprofit ogranization.


Bilberrry is a Seattle-based digital agency. They have experience in working with global non-profit organizations. And, one of their most outstanding case study is with The Life You Can Save.


For “The Life You Can Save”, Bilberrry has redesigned their website in a very short timeline. And, they have made it! The results were outstanding. Bilberrry team was as excited as the organization because they were clearly inspired by the mission of The Life You Can Save.


Nottingham-based digital agency Distinction also has an office in London. Just an example to show how human-centered they are, they have not stopped being a sponsor to Nottingham Rugby for the next season. During COVID-19, companies with good heart proved themselves in a lot of ways.

If you are going to partner with a digital agency for your nonprofit organization, it is vital that they have a good heart in the first place. Digital marketing comes next. You can visit their website to explore more and contact them to check what they can offer for your not-for-profit organization.

Absolute Digital Media

Absolute Digital Media is a London-based full-service digital marketing agency. They have a lot of experience in all kind of digital marketing services. Hereby, their know-how will be really helpful for your nonprofit organization.

You can check their wide portfolio through their website. They have a lot to contribute to your organization from different perspectives based on their knowledge.

The Walk

The Walk is a Melbourne-based digital agency with a lot of digital capabilities. You might not know exactly which medium to focus on for your target audience.

The Walk can help you “walk” with the correct steps for your organization mission. They will find the right message for your audience, display it in the right medium at the right time. Their nonprofit marketing strategy can help your organizaiton to reach more than you would expect.

Key Medium

Key Medium is a digital agency located in Philadelphia, specializing in web developmen & design, SEO, UX design, branding and video production.

If your nonprofit organization or charity needs a website with a good ranking in search engines, Key Medium can be a perfect partner for you. They have recently redesigned the website of three nonprofit brands in Philadelphia: Grounded in Philly, Women in Nontraditional Careers (WINC) and Community Integrated Services (CIS).

Also, as mentioned earlier, videos can be very effective to make your voice heard. Key Medium can support you here too. If you want to get further information, you can easily book a 15-minute call through their website.


Bravo is another Melbourne-based digital agency. In all their digital marketing strategies, they focus on user experience.

Whatever you need for your organization; SEO, PPC, email marketing, video production, content management, Bravo can provide you with that. If you don’t know which digital marketing strategy work best for your nonprofit organization, it is also fine. Because, they know what you need to do so as to accomplish your mission!

Social Republic

Located in Manchester, Social Republic is a digital agency, specializing in social media marketing.

Creative social media strategies can help your nonprofit organization to stand out from the crowd easily. Now, there is a social media platform for people at any age. Depending on your donors’ and audiences’ profile, Social Republich helps to increase your awareness and find donors.

Catch Digital

Catch Digital is a nonprofit marketing agency located in London. After their work with Cancer Research UK, the nonprofit organization’s sales have increased 13%.

They were very ambitious creating digital marketing ideas for Cancer Research UK, because of the shared goal of curing cancer faster. With the nonprofit marketing ideas Catch Digital have had, the organization’s conversion rate across all shops has been consistently 6% higher than industry average.

If you want to partner with them, you can easily contact them through their website.


Located in London, 93digital is a trusted digital partner to global charities and not-for-profits.


They can support you with:

  • Partnering as an Enterprise-grade WordPress development partner,
  • Creating experience platforms that drive engagement around campaigns and key issues,
  • Empowering marketing and content teams with flexible content management solutions,
  • Integrating with third-party communications and donation platforms,
  • Improving reach and relevance of key messages across digital channels,
  • Driving digital donations and wider financial support.

You can check their detailed portfolio and contact them directly through their website.

Hope you have enjoyed reading the article and it has helped you to partner with the right digital agency for your mission. If you are interested in our other articles, you can check our blogs about digital marketing.

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