Legend reveals ‘nasty’ dispute that’s split Broncos

Rugby league legend Wally Lewis says the Brisbane playing group is split with overpaid, underperforming stars in the firing line.

The Broncos are 0-5 since the COVID-19 hiatus, and on the wrong end of a combined 170-42 scoreline in that period, that has seen the future of coach Anthony Seibold questioned.

Brisbane was 15th on the ladder coming into this round, with the worst points differential of any team in the competition.

“The spirit between the players suggesting that a number of them aren’t real happy with the payments being given to some of the players, and they’re not really performing all that well,” Lewis told The Continuous Call Team on Nine Radio.

“Anthony Milford’s copped an absolute hammering from the general public and the media alike.

“He’s a million dollar man and they’re just saying he’s not getting too much out of it.

“The one issue that they can’t deny is there just seems to be a pretty bad mood in the club.

“That’s a real indication that something needs to be changed.

Brisbane coach Anthony Seibold. (AAP)

“The finger pointing has included the coach as well, I think that’s been pretty tough on him.”

Lewis, who captained Brisbane during their inaugural season in 1988, said a meeting of all the players was essential, to get all the issues out in the open.

“I’ve never seen something like this in all my time as a football lover in Brisbane,” he said.

“This is nasty. It’s jealousy, it’s an uncomfortable feeling for the players.

“The suggestion that it’s the men that get the most money who should be producing the best.”

Lewis also reacted to claims from former Brisbane premiership players that they are no longer welcome at the club.

Gorden Tallis has been particularly vocal, suggesting Kevin Walters should have been appointed as coach ahead of Seibold.

But Lewis says in times of crisis the former greats need to get behind the club.

Queensland legend Wally Lewis (Getty )

“It’s quite easy to be nasty and sink the boot in when times aren’t enjoyable, and I can certainly understand that there are a number of players that feel they were part of the golden run for the Broncos, and that’s been spoiled now.

“That may be the case, but there’s also a real need for everybody to put their two bobs worth in, and do it in a creative manner rather than a destructive manner.”

Former coach Wayne Bennett took a swing at the club during the week, after the club suggested Seibold needed two years to sort out the mess he inherited from Bennett.

“When it reaches that level when Bennett’s putting the boot in, I think you can probably agree that it’s got to an all-time low, something that many rugby league fans would never have experienced,” Lewis said.

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