Seibold faces serious questions over future

The coaching future of Anthony Seibold hangs in the balance after the Broncos slumped to their sixth straight loss, going down 26-16 to the Warriors in Gosford.

After a week from hell, things looked to be at last heading in the right direction when Brisbane took an early 10-0 lead, but a remarkable fightback from the Warriors, who lost Kodi Nikorima to injury early on, has plunged the Broncos into a fresh crisis.

Just eight days after the club’s board backed the under fire coach, Brisbane players were left in tears after the devastating loss.

Seibold is in the second year of a five-year contract, but his position is sure to come under renewed scrutiny following the latest defeat.

It’s clear Seibold is at loss as to how to turn things around. Questioned as to why his side continually fades in the final 20 minutes of matches, his answer was telling.

“I’d love to find out, to be fair.”

Broncos boss Paul White will front the media on Sunday morning to answer questions on the latest debacle, with Seibold’s future sure to feature heavily.

Brisbane coach Anthony Seibold. (Getty)

The halves combination of Brodie Croft and Anthony Milford has been one area of concern for the club, and when pressed after the match on whether he would stick with that combination, Seibold offered only a half-hearted endorsement.

“I want to review the game, see what we’ve got,” he said.

“We’ll see how we go.”

Seibold has long been a fan of Blake Green, the Warriors captain who was outstanding for the New Zealand team. He was effusive in his praise for Green after the match, perhaps also a pointed message for his own struggling halves.

“Blake Green probably taught us a lesson in the second half with how he controlled the game,” Seibold said.

The sight of Alex Glenn and Brodie Croft in tears at full-time is sure to be replayed many times during the week, a once proud club that has seemingly hit rock-bottom.

“It makes me sad,” Seibold said.

Payne Haas after Brisbane’s loss to New Zealand. (Getty)

“We’ve been heavily criticised and, in some ways, rightly so for not winning some footy games.

“We’re not getting our jobs done at the moment, and the pain on those guys’ faces is how we’re all feeling.

“We don’t like getting kicked in the guts, and until we start winning some games, how Alex and Brodie are feeling is how the whole group is feeling.”

The Broncos are now 0-6 since the COVID-19 break, and face cellar-dwellers Canterbury next week. But Seibold admits it will take time to get over this loss.

“I’m quite emotive at the moment, same as the players. Really upset and disappointed because we invested a lot in this week,” he said.

“We’ll fly back to Queensland, the only thing we can do is review the game.

“Have a look at it and try and get better.”

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