Broncos star startles with angry blast at captain

Brisbane’s frustration amid a six-game losing streak bubbled over when young superstar Payne Haas gave captain Alex Glenn a verbal blast, NRL greats say.

Haas was seen delivering sharp words to Glenn after the skipper missed a tackle on a Warriors try, amid a 26-16 win for the New Zealand side in Gosford.

Haas has played just 32 career games, against 263 for Glenn, and is 11 years younger than the captain. Their verbal joust on Saturday night was a tough moment in what has become a nightmare Broncos season.

“Young Payne Haas, now I don’t get what he was saying there, he wears his heart on his sleeve but him and Alex Glenn … I don’t know what was said but it looked like plenty of frustration starting to spill out in amongst the playing group, which is concerning,” former Broncos hooker Michael Ennis said on Fox League.

“When it starts to filter in amongst the playing group, it’s a worry.”

Broncos prop Payne Haas blasts captain Alex Glenn over a Warriors try. (FOX Sports)

Legendary playmaker Cooper Cronk countered: “I’d be more concerned if he just let it slide.

“I know it’s not a good look but I actually don’t mind that competitiveness. That’s care. It’s the captain who let in a try.”

Ennis agreed but replied: “What’s concerning out of it is this is a 20-year-old kid challenging a guy that’s played 250-odd games for the club, when realistically they’re the guys that we’re talking about.

“I know it’s hard, we’ve seen the emotion tonight. They care but they are just not performing well.”

Broncos prop Payne Haas after his side lost to the Warriors. (Getty)

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