Hardman’s warning over star’s ‘selfish’ act

Mark Geyer admits there were plenty of times when he carried on like a lunatic on the football field.

And the former Penrith wildman has some timely advice for the player who went berserk last night, Joey Leilua: cool it before your career self-destructs.

In a tight, tense western derby, Tigers centre Leilua went off the rails when his brother Luciano got knocked out by an accidental hit from Panther Api Koriosau.

Leilua completely lost his cool, waging a war against the Panthers, eventually getting sin-binned and virtually costing his team the game with his ill-discipline. He is facing a four to six-match ban.

Panthers captain James Tamou approaches an angry Joey Leilua after Luciano Leilua was hurt. (Getty)

“I sympathise with him because I have been there, but what he did was selfish, just like a lot of things I did in my career were selfish,” Geyer said.

“He let his teammates down and he is better than that.

“He was like a bomb ready to explode as soon as his brother got hurt and sure enough, he went off.

“The guy is better than that but he needs to learn from this and take stock of where he is at as a player.

“He can win matches for you, but he can also lose them.

“What he did was plain dumb and now he has to live with the consequences.”

Joey Leilua is confronted by Panthers players after decking Dylan Edwards. (Getty)

Penrith fullback Dylan Edwards lies on the ground after being hit off the ball by Joey Leilua. (Getty)

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