Huawei Watch GT 2e review: Stylish, practical and designed for the average fitness enthusiast

The Huawei GT 2e is one of the premier smartwatches on the market and immediately comes across as a versatile and practical option for the average consumer.

I typically hit the gym about 4-5 times a week and have found the GT 2e to be an informative companion while performing all the functions I’d want from a smartwatch.


Huawei GT 2e Design

Smartwatches often fail to live up to their name in terms of appearance but the GT 2e’s classy round dial, metallic body and big display makes for an attractive look. It comes in white, green and red to offer stylish options but also a classic black that’s understated and elegant.

The GT 2e’s 1.39-inch AMOLED panel is big and offers plenty of contrast so outdoor visibility is never an issue. It’s also surprisingly comfortable to wear, despite its size, thanks to its quality straps that have increased breathability.

What I found rather impressive is its battery life with a single charge lasting for two weeks. Huwaei’s Kirin A1 chip ensures low-power consumption without the need to turn off certain features, allowing you to get the most out of the watch without compromising battery life.

Huawei GT 2e Fitness

This is what makes the GT 2e really stand out as it caters to every need of the average fitness enthusiast. All the standard sensors are included. There’s onboard GPS, heart rate sensors, accelerometer and gyroscope among others.

Your steps, distance traveled, active minutes, resting and active heart rate, stress levels, calories burned, floors climbed, and sleep are all kept track of.

It’s packed with 100 workouts modes and monitors all your training sessions. It can identify and track 15 professional workout modes while automatically recognising six workouts: indoor/outdoor running, indoor/outdoor walking, elliptical, and rowing.

So even when you forget to begin a particular workout session on the watch, it identifies the activity and begins monitoring the session on its own.

In terms of feedback, the GT 2e goes above and beyond with detailed analysis of your performance. Training effect (aerobic+anaerobic), training load, suggested recovery time, and workout status are all visible on the watch’s display.

The way the data is presented as well is excellent like the big landscape graph for your heart rate.


Another great aspect of this watch is its simplicity. There are two buttons on the right side of the case: one that brings up the app list and another one that’s customizable.

You have a variety of homescreens to choose from. Some are more stylish and flashy, others can be either simple and minimalistic or loaded with information.

Having a Huawei smartphone helps get the best out of the GT 2e, allowing you to access the full range of features and data from the watch.

A non-Huawei phone can make the set up a little tricky but within a day or so you get more comfortable with the smartwatch and its workings.


If you’re tech-oriented and looking for a smartwatch with all the bells and whistles then the GT 2e is likely to leave you a little underwhelmed.

The range of features are pretty basic that includes the weather, timer and alarm apps. You can receive notifications but can’t act on them beyond reading and clearing. You can’t answer calls either or make contactless payments.

One of the plus points though is the ability to store 500 songs.

SpO2 Feature

The GT2e’s saving grace in this department is the SpO2 feature because it’s unique.

SpO2 is also known as oxygen saturation and the smartwatch measures the oxygen levels in a person’s bloodstream.

The normal level is between 90-100 and anyone falling below that is at risk of hypoxemia. It’s a great feature that helps users stay informed of their fitness levels, especially during activities like high-altitude hikes.


The biggest gripe with this smartwatch is the lack of features – although the SpO2 reading is an interesting addition – but that doesn’t bother me too much and probably wouldn’t put most people off.

We live in an age when our smartphones almost never leave our sides.

So I’m satisfied with Huawei focusing more on fitness and hardware while retaining the product’s affordability if it means limiting features that essentially bridges the gap between a smartwatch and the gadget that’s always within my reach.

For those focused on fitness, style and practicality, the GT 2e does not disappoint.

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