The Broncos’ decline is no laughing matter

The vision of some of the Brisbane Broncos’ players having a laugh after their fifth consecutive loss to the Gold Coast Titans clearly got under the skin of some Broncos legends and fans, and justifiably so.

The bewildering thing is that this isn’t an isolated case so it begs the question, where has the win-at-all-costs mentality gone for some of the players?

Sure, it’s easy for people to say that it’s only a game, it’s not life or death. But for those players who are fiercely competitive and have a burning desire to win, losing isn’t an option for them.

If they do lose, they’re angry, upset and inconsolable, and at least this time it was evident after the Brisbane Broncos lost another match to the New Zealand Warriors with both the captain Alex Glenn and Patrick Carrigan in tears as they faced a press conference.

I know what kind of player I resonate with and I’m sure that most other passionate fans would feel exactly the same.

Payne Haas

(Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

You want to see your team hurting and upset after a loss, not joking around and laughing with the opposition’s players.

The Brisbane Broncos are clearly in a form slump and as is always the case, the coach is now under intense scrutiny with armchair experts asking for Anthony Seibold to be sacked, never mind how most of the players performed against the Titans and the Warriors.

To see how some of the Brisbane Broncos legends reacted on social media after the Broncos’ loss to the Titans and I’m sure that they’ll react even more now after their sixth consecutive loss to the NZ Warriors. That shows how much they are hurting.

Those legends wore the Brisbane Broncos jersey with pride and passion and had nothing left in the tank when they came off the field. Those times must now seem like a distant memory for Broncos fans.

For those players who think that it’s okay to have a laugh after a loss, may I suggest to them that they do it in the confines of the inner sanctum, which is their dressing room – not out of the field in the open where their passionate fans and the media can see how little a loss means to them.

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