MJ’s $80M recruit commits NBA cardinal sin

Charlotte Hornets star Terry Rozier has revealed he was never aware of some of the biggest achievements by the owner of his NBA team, Michael Jordan.

Although a basketball legend and a six-time NBA champion for the Chicago Bulls, Jordan ventured off into even more greater things after he retired when he became a part-owner and the head of basketball operations for the Charlotte club back in 2006.

Jordan for over a decade now has been instrumental in the team’s roster and the players they choose to sign, which was no different the moment the six-time NBA MVP elected to sign Rozier last year to a three-year USD$56 million ($AUD 80 million) contract.

Rozier, 26, like many fans around the world was left stunned and amazed at the life of the Chicago Bulls great following the release of the ‘Last Dance’ documentary series earlier this year.

Michael Jordan after winning his sixth championship (Getty)

But the Hornets point guard stunningly revealed that prior to the release of the documentary series, he was never aware that Jordan had three-peated twice during the 1990s, a fact almost every basketball fan would know.

“Just actually seeing this documentary, I learned so much,” Rozier told Bleacher Report.

“I didn’t even know that they won three straight [championships two times].

I’m just being honest. … To do things like that in this league, you have to be super special.”

Terry Rozier (Getty)

“You think you have an idea of [his mentality], but when you see this documentary, it kind of gives you chills.

“Me to be playing for him, the owner of the Charlotte Hornets, is super huge to me because I take that as he likes my competitive drive. He sees something in me. So … I just want to keep getting better.”

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