‘Waffling’ Broncos boss eyeing exit, Weidler says

Broncos chief executive Paul White has his eye on the exit door and is failing to answer big questions about the crisis-hit club, Nine NRL reporter Danny Weidler says.

White appeared on 100% Footy on Monday night but Weidler was unimpressed with his response to key questions, including the complicated situation surrounding coach Anthony Seibold.

“To be honest with you, I think he gave a lot of waffle and didn’t give a lot of real answers,” Weidler told Sky Sports Radio on Tuesday.

Broncos CEO Paul White on 100% Footy. (Nine)

“I did put it on White that suggesting that the reason Seibold couldn’t be sacked is that he’d have to sack himself and the board would have to stand down and the chairman would have to stand down. He didn’t like that question and didn’t really give an answer.

“I think he’s taken his eye off the ball, he’s got his eye on a position somewhere else for next year. I think that he’s been looking elsewhere, he’s been looking at the NRL and campaigning for a position elsewhere.

“He’s got a couple of other offers and he’s in demand. Perhaps he’s not giving the due attention that he needs to give. I think that organisation is in complete and utter disarray.”

Weidler accused White of essentially reading from a script in defending his management of the club.

“He gave very long, prepared answers to questions that frankly I found unsatisfactory, largely,” Weidler said.

White did refute a recent claim that Seibold’s contract does not contain any performance clauses that would enable the club to avoid a huge payout if he was sacked.

Weidler said that response may have simply been “face-saving”, with club director Darren Lockyer previously admitting that he was unaware of any such clauses.

“The one answer he did give was that there are performance marks that Anthony Seibold has to meet in his contract,” Weidler said.

“We had previously been told that there were no such things. His contract was just a pure contract and he could just march on regardless.

“So, perhaps it’s a bit of face-saving from the Broncos management because if there wasn’t some sort of performance indicator in his contract it would be a terrible deal done by their management and the management would have to have some heavy questions to answer.

“It’s a massive drama, they’re not singing from the same hymn sheet are they? That maybe indicates why the Broncos have some serious problems.”

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