Stars savage NBA’s bubble hospitality

Denver Nuggets sharpshooter Troy Daniels has sent the NBA world into meltdown after revealing the hospitality served up within the Orlando bubble.

Over the next few days, NBA teams will be settling into Orlando’s Walt Disney World campus to resume the 2019-2020 season and eventually crown a champion.

In a move that will reportedly cost the NBA $216 million to move 22 of its 30 teams to three different resorts, the league is eyeing off a July 31st resumption.

The bubble life of the players will include regular COVID-19 testing, security, transportation, various medical support, entertainment options, and of course catering and prepared meals.

Instagram story of Denver’s Troy Daniels (Instagram)

However, with some players already settling into their new bubble life, it appears the prepared meals have caught the multi-million dollar athletes by surprise.

Daniels was the first NBA star to react to the bubble life’s catering and did it with a simple message – the shaking head emoji.

The Denver guard’s Instagram post prompted a number of other NBA stars and pundits on social media to react to the airplane styled catering.

Point guard and former teammate of LeBron James, Isaiah Thomas, jokingly said there’s “no way LeBron” is eating the food as pictured in Daniels’ Instagram story.

New York Times reporter Marc Stein revealed that the meals will eventually change after players are out of their mandatory quarantine which they’re required to undertake once they enter the Orlando bubble.

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