‘Wake up, f—wit’: Latrell smacks Grub after ugly kick

Wests Tigers star Josh Reynolds has been placed on report after an “indiscriminate kick” caught South Sydney star Campbell Graham in the head, sending the centre for a HIA.

Wests’ David Nofoaluma had broken away for a patented intercept try early in his side’s clash with the Rabbitohs at Bankwest Stadium on Friday night.

But tearing down the field, Nofoaluma lost possession of the ball with Rabbitohs defenders hot on his back.

The ball bobbled into Reynolds’ path who attempted to keep it alive with an innocent, albeit reckless, kick while backing up the breakaway.

Tempers erupted when Reynolds boot cleaned out Graham (Nine)

However, It was unfortunate timing as Graham had already committed his body to gathering the ball – and when Reynolds’ boot went flying, it caught the centre square in the forehead.

Souths superstar Latrell Mitchell was livid with what he had seen and took it upon himself to dish out some natural justice, as he rushed in on Reynolds and put on a off-the-ball hit.

That sparked an all-in that halted play for a matter of minutes as Mitchell and Reynolds went at it at the centre of the fray.

“You think I meant it, d—head? Wake up to yourself, ‘f—wit,” Reynolds was caught spraying at Mitchell over the referee’s mic.


League great Phil Gould said although Reynolds’ boot looked ugly, it was obvious it was unintentional.

“He’s missed the ball completely and got him right on the forehead,” he said.

“Never at any time did he intend to kick him there, he’s just mistimed his kick on the ball.”

Eight Immortal Andrew Johns, however, was far less reserved in his assessment.

“He looks knocked out!,” Johns said in commentary.

It’s yet to be seen whether Mitchell will also face any punishment for his “ragdoll” on Reynolds.

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