AFL Power Rankings 2020: Round 6

Another week, another bunch of rankings adjustment. And don’t even ask me about my tips.

On a personal note, the author’s name of the byline of this piece will be different from what many of you are used to, so I’ll introduce myself: I’m Liam Salter (AdelaideDocker is a pseudonym that I’ve decided to switch away from using as of today).

1.Port Adelaide
Last week: 2

I’ve been pretty dubious on the Power this year, given their impressive win-loss ledger has been bolstered by big wins over teams that were in poor form at the time. Last week’s effort against Brisbane didn’t encourage much optimism, either. Sunday’s win over GWS, though, was excellent, and they get a deserved bump back to pole position (on both this column and the actual ladder).

Last week: 5

A superb victory, off the back of a superb third term. The Cats – for now – hold the nifty position of the team that produced the highest scoring quarter in 2020 (given some of the score lines this weekend, that’s doubly impressive). Face Collingwood in a big, big game on Thursday.

3.Brisbane Lions
Last week: 1

And that’s why the third quarter is colloquially known as the premiership quarter. I was feeling comfortable about my tip of the Lions up until their third-quarter capitulation. I’m still thinking they’ll be a contender this year, but they’ll be ruing that third quarter (and continued inaccuracy) for a while.

Last week: 9

I mean, they won, but to most outside observers it was a poor, even ugly, game of footy. But internally the result was just what Collingwood needed after a horrendous fortnight. They can’t rest on their laurels for long though, given they face Geelong in four days’ time.

Last week: 8

I said last week that I’d been underrating Essendon in this column. Now, I’m not saying that Saturday’s victory over North is a major scalp (sorry, Kangas fans), but it does have the benefit of sending Essendon to 3-1, with a game in hand. No guarantees in a very weird season, but they’re looking a decent chance at some finals footy.

6.GWS Giants
Last week: 4

A disappointing loss, but given some of the losses seen this weekend, it could’ve been worse. The Giants fell out of the top eight this weekend, but I don’t doubt they remain one of the competition’s top contenders. Just need to limit the annoying losses like this one.

Last week: 12

An absolutely brilliant win for the Blues. Like many I saw mention online, it was a case of “screw the tips, go the Blues” by that time on Sunday night. And – like Freo – given their biggest star was not at all prominent during the clash, the win gets a little sweeter.

8.Western Bulldogs
Last week: 7

Their rise up the ladder comes to a sudden and disappointing halt at the hands of the Blues. The Doggies were not as bad as early season Bulldogs, but still were quite poor, and they’re now back out of the top eight.

9.Gold Coast
Last week: 3

One of a few favourites to drop games this weekend, Gold Coast’s Saturday night loss did not see them disgraced. They’ll be annoyed with their fade-out, but on the other hand they’ll be more than pleased with Izak Rankine’s debut: surely he’s got the Rising Star nomination locked up this round?

10.St Kilda
Last week: 6

So, a half hour into Saturday afternoon’s clash with Freo, the Saints looked to be continuing the excellent, great-to-watch form they’d produced last weekend. Everything onward is perhaps best left unsaid. Face Adelaide in South Australia next week, where they’ll be hoping to get back on the winners list (and should).

Last week: 11

Four goals won the game. I know it sounds ironic – me, a Freo fan, complaining about low scoring clashes – but there was something to be desired about Richmond’s Sunday win. The Tigers themselves will be pleased with the four points, securing them in the top eight for now, but that was a net loss for the average footy fan.

12.West Coast
Last week: 14

Nothing surprising about Saturday’s victory: they were expected to win and win they did. Like their West Australian counterparts, they’ve now secured two successive wins ahead of a return to Optus Stadium. I have them favourites for next Sunday’s derby,

Last week: 16

The best win of the weekend, or perhaps the season so far, bar none. Two on the bench? Intimidating deficit at the first break? Having a patchwork defence while facing the second best offensive team in the competition? None of that mattered for Freo, who clinched an impressive victory.

14.North Melbourne
Last week: 13

I can’t think of a whole lot to say about North this week, to be honest. A pretty part and parcel clash. They were leading at quarter time but were anonymous after that break.

Last week: 10

By all accounts, that was perhaps the worst game of Alastair Clarkson’s coaching career. In terms of total score, it certainly was: measly 27 points and just three majors. Hawthorn now have an even win-loss ledger, but with a whole lot of questions about their effort, aptitude and potential in 2020.

Last week: 17

Credit where credit is due, they dug deep to secure Saturday’s (absolutely needed) victory. It wasn’t clean, but given their upcoming game is against Hawthorn, they’ve got a good opportunity to make it two on the trot.

17.Sydney Swans
Last week: 15

Losing Josh Kennedy so early in the game did not help their chances, but by games end it was – at first glance – a horrid total score the Swans offered up. I know Sydney and Hawthorn are big rivals, but who knew they’d be rivalling each other in posting an awfully low score.

Last week: 18

Like last week, they showed a little. Like the past six weeks, they lost. I suppose they should be glad about Reilly O’Brien’s midweek Twitter controversy for diverting a bit of attention away from their continued poor form.

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