AFL tribunal rule on St Kilda star

St Kilda Saints’ Ben Long will miss three weeks in the AFL for a high bump on Fremantle’s Sean Darcy.

The Saints plead guilty to the Match Review Officer Michael Christian’s charge of careless conduct with high conduct and severe impact.

As a result of the bump Darcy suffered “clear diagnosis of concussion” according to Fremantle doctors, as well as neck and jaw pain.

The jury of David Neitz, Shane Wakelin and Stephen Jurica needed less than half an hour to come to a conclusion that Long be suspended for three games.

Ben Long of the Saints (Getty)

“(Long) sees that Darcy is low, that he’s wide open and that he’s vulnerable. He enters the contest knowing all of these matters,” AFL QC Jeff Gleeson said.

“He also moves into the contest with acceleration – there’s almost a hop.

“It’s not inconsistent with him bracing for contact with a sizeable opponent, but neither does he decide to ride the contact to minimise it in any way.

“[Long] recognises the gravity of the incident and the harm that he has caused… we accept this as a point in his favour.”

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