Eddie calls for AFL stars to ditch social media ‘cesspool’

Collingwood president Eddie McGuire has urged AFL players to stay off social media, after recent revelations of widespread abuse from fans targeting several stars.

After GWS Giants veteran Callan Ward revealed that he had received death threats from Essendon fans after his side’s narrow win last Friday, players such as Taylor Walker, Josh Bruce and Patrick Dangerfield have all lifted the lid on the vile social media culture.

McGuire suggested that players should try to avoid social media altogether, but be prepared for what comes with the territory if they choose to engage frequently.

“To the football world and young people out there, just be aware of what you’re playing in, you’re in a cesspool,” he told Nine’s Footy Classified.

Eddie McGuire believes AFL stars should avoid using social media altogether to avoid abuse from fans (Nine)

“Have a look at the Twitter reporting that goes on with serious journalists these days who fall in because the standards have gone down.

“If you open it up to the people who are out there who are just mean-spirited, it’s what you’re going to get.

“If you put your head into the lion’s mouth and pull its tail, it’ll bite your head off sooner or later.

“So you’ve got to make a decision in life: do you want to play in that pool, and maybe you can be a Kardashian and make some money and get free stuff here and there. There’s no free ride, you know that.

GWS star Callan Ward revealed that he had received nasty messages about his family as well as death threats (Instagram)

“If you put your head up above the parapet, you’ve got to be prepared for everything that comes with it at times.

“If you want to get on Twitter and everyone’s saying you’re the best on ground one week and don’t get a kick next, you better be prepared for what’s coming.

“My advice is stay off it, there’s no joy in it. If you want to be a Twitterati person, okay, but be aware and don’t be thinking that the world is going to change because you want it to change.

“That’s the world of Twitter and that’s the world of social media.”

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