Kobe Bryant Day to remember NBA legend

The world has experienced such a nightmare in 2020 that Kobe Bryant’s death seems like a lifetime ago.

In fact it was just over six months ago that the NBA legend tragically lost his life in a helicopter accident, with his 13-year-old daughter Gianna one of eight other passengers who also died in the crash.

Bryant was a loved citizen of Orange County in California, and to keep his memory alive it is declaring August 24 Kobe Bryant Day across the country.

Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna watch the US swimming nationals in 2018. (AP/AAP)

Orange County Board Chairwoman Michelle Steel told NBC Los Angeles that Bryant was a “treasured member of our community,” who “inspired so many men and women to pursue their dreams and never give up.”

Steel revealed the county had chosen August 24 because Bryant wore the numbers eight and 24 during his career. The date is also one day after his August 23 birthday.

Another member of the Orange County Board, Don Wagner, noted that Bryant was far from perfect but still deserved to be honoured for making such a big impact on the world.

“Kobe Bryant’s life, like each one of us who ever lived, presents moments to celebrate and to condemn,” Wagner said to NBC LA.

“Kobe, like all of us, faced challenges, challenges of his own making and challenges thrown at him by life, that he overcame. Today, we celebrate the effort in overcoming those challenges.”

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