Weir doesn’t believe Miocic will retire

Former UFC middleweight Mark Weir speaks to Sky Sports ahead of this weekend’s UFC 252 fight card, including Cormier vs Miocic in the headline bout.

Cormier ended Miocic’s record run of three straight heavyweight title defences in their first meeting in 2018, but Miocic regained the title from Cormier last year. Now the duo are preparing for their trilogy fight at the weekend.

UFC president Dana White believes the winner of the fight should be regarded as greatest heavyweight in MMA history.

And ‘The Wizard’ Weir – a former Cage Rage British Middleweight Champion – thinks the fight will be “make or break” for 41-year-old Cormier,

“For me, Cormier can leave everything on the line. But to win a title and then give it up is an insult for me,” said Weir.

“Cormier is going to want to be close to his opponent, come in, get that hand clasp and he wants to do those upper cuts and hooks from there. That also allows him to take the other person down. So if he going to do more of a take-down, he’s going to want to close him down in the cage. With a smaller cage, he can’t run so well. It’s more in favour of Cormier.”

Daniel Cormier vs Jon Jones


Weir believes that Daniel Cormier will retire after his rematch with Stipe Miocic and shouldn’t change plans for Jon Jones

Weir says Miocic doesn’t have the charisma in the way of a mouth which has made him a complicated fighter to understand, unlike DC.

“Daniel Cormier can chat the hind legs off a donkey while Stipe gets straight to the point – actions speak louder than words. I think he’ll get the coverage he wants but he’ll have to knock out a few more opponents.

“Miocic has got a few more years left in him and if you notice now a lot of fighters are lasting longer. It could be diet or everything else evolving. He looks strong and his power is increasing which is an element Cormier will have to wary of. That happens to persistent training and also genetic-wise. The last thing to leave you is your power.

“If he does defend the title he can defend it a few more times. If he loses it he can get it back and defend it a few more times.”

And who does Weir predict will come out on top in this eager-anticipated trilogy fight? “If it’s the later rounds then I think Miocic is going to have the advantage,” He said.

“But if I had to pick someone with all the fight camp, hunger, I’d have to say DC. You have got a chance to make history.”

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