LIVE: JT backs young Bronco’s bold criticism

Johnathan Thurston has defended Kotoni Staggs’ bold criticism this week of the lack of leadership from senior players at the Broncos.

“I think he does [have a point],” Thurston told Nine.

“Everyone needs to be held accountable on the field and especially off it and he’s obviously seeing something that isn’t right and up to the standards that he’s trying to hold there at the club.

“Calling the players out and announcing it publicly is probably not the best thing to do but he’s certainly put his leadership group on notice and that’s only a good thing for a young player to do that.”

For St George, Dean Young has stepped up to lead the Dragons after the departure of Paul McGregor and the young coach has a run of games that could help him keep the role long-term, according to Thurston.

“The Broncos tonight and then the next two weeks he plays the other two Queensland teams, so he’s got a great opportunity to build some momentum before the last three games,” he said.

“I think they play the Knights, Raiders and Melbourne to finish. It’s a baptism of fire in the back-end of the season, but he’s got a great opportunity over the next few weeks.”

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