NRL greats blow up over baffling call on Bronco

Patrick Carrigan was the VB Hardest Working Player in Brisbane’s 28-24 loss to the Dragons but the Bronco was lucky not to be sin-binned on Friday night.

Early in the second half Carrigan was defending when Dragons star Matt Dufty put in a grubber into goal and chased it down, only to be unfairly impeded by the Bronco.

There was debate over whether a penalty try should have been awarded, but after a short Bunker review, officials decided that due to the placement of the ball just a penalty sufficed.

On field referee Henry Perenara said it wasn’t a professional foul and the Dragons took the two and the lead at 20-18.

Still, Paul Vautin, Brad Fittler and Paul Gallen were all adamant that Carrigan should have been sin-binned.

“I think he should have been sin-binned,” Fittler said in VB’s Friday Night Knock-Off.

Dufty penalty (Nine)

“What they haven’t done is allowed for Dufty and how good his kick was and how he backed his speed. He kicked it so far from the defence line, Carrigan had time. All he had to do was pull his arms back.

“Dufty, by kicking this far out, gives them every chance to move out of the road and they’re not supposed to keep running and get in the road.”

Gallen said the Bronco didn’t even disguise his intentions.

“At least turn towards the ball and go towards the ball. They kept going towards Dufty,” he said.

“I can’t believe he wasn’t sin-binned. In this day and age we see that sin-binned all the time.

“It shouldn’t have been a penalty try, he was never going to get there – I accept that – but he should have been sent to the sin bin.”

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Vautin said he had an argument with fellow commentator and league great Johnathan Thurston over the implementation of the rules and what justifies a sin-binning or not.

“The rules change every week from the Bunker. Seriously, he should have gotten sin-binned,” he said.

“JT [Thurston], who is the modern guy, said he had no chance to score the try, but that shouldn’t change anything.

“I agree with Gal, whatever it was, they got it wrong.”

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