Top Branding Agencies in Vancouver With Inspiring Portfolios

Branding is a starting point of marketing efforts and it embraces the whole process.

However, it is not easy to have one that lasts forever. As it requires experience and know-how on marketing, branding agencies come to mind to reach a staring result.

Best Branding Agencies in Vancouver

In this article, we have sorted the best branding agencies in Vancouver. Enjoy exploring their services and finding the one that matches your vision.

  • Major Tom
  • Massive Media
  • Idea Rebel
  • Blue Meta
  • AntiSocial Media Solutions

Major Tom

Full-service digital agency Major Tom aims to help organizations thrive in an increasingly complex landscape.


They consist of industry-leading specialists hand-picked from across the globe. What’s more, they combine the top-level strategy with the implementation and technological capabilities you’d find at a leading agency.

They follow new technologies, tactics or opportunities considering that the marketing landscape is constantly evolving.

Furthermore, they can help you get to the core of your brand identity guiding you through a discovery process that involves collaborative workshops and research.

In light of this phase, you can uncover key elements of your brand which they use to define your identity.

Their portfolio full of many successful works shows their ability to help you with branding strategies.

For instance, their collaboration with The Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee company reached a satisfying result. They approached Major Tom in need of a platform that effectively migrated their existing SEO, improved time on site, communicated their brand persona, and redesigned their UX.

As a consequence, here are what they achieved:

  • 120% increase in total page impressions
  • Decrease in bounce rate by 45%
  • 130,000+ number of times the store locator tool has been used to date

Massive Media

Massive Media is a branding and experience design agency for those with purpose. They craft brand experiences and digital products that tell stories and start conversations.

They have collaboration with solution-focused companies to achieve clarity, messaging and the technologies needed to thrive in the wild. Whether the product is a revised brand, digital ad campaign or a new website, their approach centres on deep cultural insights, clear strategic direction and the power of human expression.

They manage the whole process from brand strategy, naming to visual identity and messaging, their approach to branding. This way, they help your brand engage the whole organization and affect behaviour and communication.


DIJGTAL is an innovation-led strategic design and marketing agency that bridges the gap between experience design and marketing. In addition, they help to transform complex business problems into ingenious human-led solutions for early-stage startups, enterprise ventures and corporate partners.


They focus on creating meaningful experiences for some of the world’s leading brands with our signature approach to strategy, design, engagement and implementation.

As a strategy is an art form for them, you can be sure that your branding experience will bring success to your business with the help of their creativity.

Let their powerful portfolio talk on behalf of them and decide if you can partner with them as your branding agency.


Leading digital marketing agency BSTRO can help your brand incite action through powerful storytelling and innovative technology.

Moreover, thanks to their diverse expertise and experience of their in-house team, they can help your needs, goals and objectives.

From managing your website and social profiles to planning creative content, they are ready to deal with your brand positioning.

Their team of designers, website developers, social media strategists, and email marketing and branding experts are here to brighten up the world for your brand.

Idea Rebel

Idea Rebel is a full-service digital agency specializing in consumer-centric digital experiences.

As every innovation, branding process also starts with an idea. They are great at providing creative solutions beginning with the assessment of the brand, the market, the competition, the target audience and client’s goals.

The fact that marketing lies at the heart of business success, they go beyond the build to target, engage and retain their clients’ audiences, utilizing the most effective channels to turn prospects into loyal customers. This way, they are able to offer plenty of achievements in their portfolio with their partners.

Blue Meta

Blue Meta is a digital marketing and branding agency focusing on measurable marketing.

Furthermore, they are different in many ways. For instance, they take a business consulting approach to your marketing. Their strategies are based on what will drive revenue.

Also, they leverage their financial and business acumen to tackle your marketing problems with data. This way, you can scale your business by quantifying the profitability of each tactic with measurable marketing.

Last but not least, they develop digital touch-points between your brand and your customers at every step of the buying process.

AntiSocial Media Solutions

AntiSocial Media Solutions is a digital branding and marketing agency that can help you grow your online presence.

They offer a range of services including social media, content marketing, photography, video production, branding, graphic design, website development, search engine optimization, media buying, online advertising and consulting. Plus, their team specializes in creating an authentic connection between clients and their customers, as well as storytelling through social video production.

Your brand represents more than its fancy look. So, it goes beyond front-facing design work; it is, essentially, who and what your company is. At this point, AntiSocial is ready to give you the opportunity to create a narrative to yourself, the chance to make a lasting impact.

Trust their unique style and let your company stand out from the crowd.

With the help of your branding agency in Vancouver, you can have a good reputation in the long-term. For this reason, we suggest you understand the importance of branding with its tremendous benefits to your business.

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