Top Social Media Marketing Agencies in Seattle with Great Case Studies

We live in a technological world that requires new digital marketing strategies and advertising for businesses to be seen by their prospective customers and competitors in the marketplace.

Social media platforms are the goldmines with the opportunity to reach lots of customers in a very short time. Therefore, it is essential to follow an intelligent path for online advertising through social media marketing agencies. 

For instance, Instagram has almost 1 billion monthly active users and Instagram marketing agencies can boost your sales by increasing the quality of your account and attracting more customers including the young generation.

LinkedIn is another powerful platform with over 600 million members to reach your prospects and LinkedIn marketing agencies can provide a plan for your business to lead better sales. 

Regarding the worldwide network opportunities, Seattle is one of the digital marketing centers in the U.S. Seattle hosts a great number of social media marketing agencies which will help your business to impress your audience with attractive website design and effective use of social media platforms. 

Best 8 Social Media Marketing Agencies in Seattle

Here we listed the best options for social media marketing in Seattle with some case studies that will show you how social media becomes an important element for the online presence of your business.

Connection Model

Among the social media agencies based in Seattle, Connection Model is one of the best agencies with its result-driven digital marketing strategies.

Their expert team offers a variety of marketing services including paid media, website design, digital brand management, organic search, and content creation. When you start working with Connection Model, the expert team first identifies the needs of your business and creates a strategy accordingly. 

Through its partnership with big companies like Hubspot, Connection Model helps its clients grow revenue and acquire profitable customers. For example, their team works with Blackwood Builders, Seattle’s premier home builder company,  providing online advertising and social media marketing plans.


As stated on their website, RNO1 guides game-changing companies across several social networking platforms through agile digital solutions and plans. Their partnership built with leading companies such as Amazon, Hubspot, Airbnb, and Ericsson has moved RNO1 to a higher status in the marketplace. 

rno1 seattle social media marketingrno1 seattle social media marketing

Like other social media marketing agencies, RNO1 provides several digital services including branding strategy, website or app development, social media marketing, and e-mail marketing. With a keen understanding of what is happening in the digital world, RNO1 is a powerful digital agency that will help you grow your business online. 

Actuate Media

As a data-driven digital agency, Actuate Media is among the top 10 digital agencies. Actuate Media team first establishes the objectives, completes analytics, and achieves the targeted goals with data-driven optimizations.

Actuate Media creates unique and brand-focused content on social media platforms to engage with the online community. They offer effective and affordable social media management that you should try to capitalize your business on online platforms. By increasing exposure and brand awareness, Actuate Media guarantees reliable business relationships with your prospective customers. Actuate Media has a 5/5 rating on Google Reviews based on reviews written by their customers. 

Blue Fountain Media

As one of the best social media agencies with people-centered digital experiences, Blue Fountain Media supports brands to grow online by merging imagination and technology. It is based in New York, but they have offices in Seattle and Chicago. Their team offers social media marketing, SEO, paid media, content marketing, data analytics, and much more about digital marketing and branding. 

Blue Fountain Media works with many leading companies including CDK Global which provides end-to-end technology solutions for vehicle dealerships. Blue Fountain Media has created an extensive website for the client to give a remarkable presence all around the world.

Forum One

Founded in 1996, Forum One uses internet power to solve the world’s problems with several foundations and companies. Through innovative and problem-solving strategies, Forum One achieves the predetermined objectives for any type of business. The creative team offers many digital services like social media management and website design. 


For example, Forum One worked with Florida State Parks to redesign its website to attract visitors with a user-friendly design encouraging more people to explore this stunning natural park. They also worked with the World Wildlife Fund to achieve their digital objectives and engage the target audience from all over the world. You can get detailed information about Forum One and their case studies on their website.


Visualwebz is one of the top social media marketing agencies in Seattle. Providing several digital services like website design and online marketing strategies, Visualwebz helps businesses acquire more customers and gain higher revenues with online advertising. With professional digital marketers, Visualwebz is very assertive in website development, SEO, social media management, and online marketing. 

Considering why you should choose Visualwebz among lots of digital agencies, you can check out what their customers say about their digital services. For example, Visualwebz worked with LMS Design, which is a premium interior designer, and the CEO of LMS Design commented on how satisfied they are with the outstanding digital experience with Visualwebz. 

As an award-winning website design and online marketing agency, Visualwebz is waiting for the new customers to provide unique and result-driven digital solutions. 

McMillan Creative

McMillan Creative defines itself as a full-service creative agency where luxury meets adventure. Its content strategists and designers offer inspiring ideas and solutions in terms of digital marketing. Starting with intensive market research, McMillan Creative team optimizes the social networking platforms through graphics, visuals, and professional photography. 


Photography and visuals are highlighted in most of the work done by McMillan Creative. It is believed that eye-pleasing content will attract more customers and visitors to the social media accounts and websites. It can be proved with their portfolio consisting of their partnerships with lots of brands and companies. With the influential art direction, McMillan Creative creates difference among other social media marketing agencies.

Regarding the social media marketing agency description, all of the digital agencies mentioned above are ready to meet the needs of your business with agile digital strategies to grow your business in the marketplace.

First, you should determine what is required for your business to make a difference and then you can choose the best social media marketing agency in Seattle that will fulfill your expectations. Don’t forget to examine their case studies and previous work presented on their websites. 

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