Cowboys defy sin-bin drama in defeat of Knights

Drinkwater was instrumental in Saturday night’s Magic Round thriller, scoring two tries and inspiring the Cowboys to within two-points of comeback against the Tricolours after coughing up at 18-point deficit to start the game.

For all their effort, the Cowboys would eventually unravel in an eventual 30-16 loss, and an emotional Drinkwater wore the blame squarely on his shoulders for pushing an extra pass in a pivotal play.

“We were down by six with about 18 to go and I took a short side on down there and probably threw a pass that missed,” Drinkwater told Nine.

“I probably didn’t have to throw that, but I did and that was the last chance we got in their half.

“Coming down here the next set we get put in the bin and since then we were just coming out of our back end. A little bit of game management there knowing to hold the ball, and if I don’t throw that pass we’re still down there, still in it by six, so I’m disappointed.”

Speaking ahead of the Cowboys’ clash against the Knights tonight, Lockyer said it’s refreshing to see players “hurt” as he reflected on Drinkwater’s development in the NRL.

“I love seeing that, because it means he’s a competitor, he wants to win and he cares about the place,” Lockyer said.

“I think Scott, when he filled in for Billy Slater at the Storm when his debut, I just went ‘Wow, we’ve got another Billy’. So, he’s got some talent there’s no doubt about that, and I think he’s going to learn with experience about how to manage a game, how to win games.

“But to see him hurt like that after the game, that’s a sign of a player that wants to continually better themselves. And I think that’s the sort player that, if they have skill and talent, which he does, but he hurts like that after a loss – that’s a great outcome as a coach.”

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